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Imagine Nation is the 2nd episode of Blue's Clues from Season 4.

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We use our imagination to see, hear, feel, and even taste things that we would not be able to otherwise. We tell a story with Blue, Tickety, and Slippery using pictures and our imaginations. Unfortunately, Mr. Salt does not have an imagination, so Steve, Periwinkle, and & Blue help Mr. Salt find his imagination.


  • Question: What could Blue imagine the shape to be?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Big White Circle
    • 2. A Button
    • 3. Triangles
  • Answer: A Rabbit
  • Living room picture: A square, then a truck, then a house, then a robot, then back to a square
  • Felt frame picture: Freddy dreaming about flying in the sky

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This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.


  • Loulou Katz, a relative of Storyboard Artist Avi Katz and Executive Assistant David B. Katz, is one of Steve's Friends in this episode.
  • This is from Blue's Clues VHS Recording Tape
  • This is the first episode for Season 4, although it still uses the season 3 elements. But the opening changed this season.
  • This is the first episode to use a new opening, some changes were made, some new clouds were added, Periwinkle's (Left) and Magenta's (Right) houses are added to the neighborhood, a new tree, and fences were added. The house was changed as well, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are still shown, and Paprika is added, Tickety and Slippery are still shown, only for a second though, Shovel and Pail no longer hide behind the house, but are seen playing with each other, and say "Hi Blue", Periwinkle is now seen bouncing on Blue's Ball, and Magenta is seen pushing her wagon with the ball in it as Blue enters the house. Magenta's bark comes early in this episode only. Steve's dialogue is now changed and now pops in both windows, and the windows now show the Living Room walls, and Blue hides behind the flowers in all episodes except for Puppets where she hides behind her ball.
    • This new intro was created so no one gets confused at the fact that Steve's voice suddenly went a lot calmer while Blue enters the house, which started in Season 2.
  • There was a rare Face promo that starred Periwinkle with him and was used when the premiere of this episode happened. An edited version was used since then to promote an episode of Blue's Clues is coming up next. Click here to see the premiere version, and click here to see the regular version.
  • Cody Ross Pitts is now replaced by Patrick Van Wagnen for voicing Slippery Soap and Cameron Bowen is now replaced by Kenny Kim for voicing Periwinkle.
    • Slippery Soap and Periwinkle were the first characters changing their voices in season four. More characters were changed when season four elements started being used.
    • This is the last episode where Tickety was voiced by Kathryn Avery.
  • During the So Long Song, Mr. Salt says "You sure are smart" instead of Steve, who didn't expect it.
  • In the VHS Version, when Steve sings the theme song, the voiceovers "Pawprint" and "Clue" were re-used from What Story Does Blue Want to Play? instead of What Does Blue Want to Make?.
  • This is the second episode to feature a white crayon to draw the circle, after Animal Behavior! with black. It will appear as a clue again in The Alphabet Train.
  • Shovel appears by himself without Pail during the credits.
  • The imagining song is used in the online story, "What's in the Box?", based on this episode.
  • This episode is also seen on the DVD of "Blue's Room: Little Blue Riding Hood".
  • This was the only Season 4 episode animated by Dale Clowdis's team to have Mailbox mirrored during the credits. This usually happens for David B. Levy's episodes, usually appearing around the Studio Crew credit slide.


  • In the UK version, the pawprint was still on the triangles after Kevin drew the 3rd clue.
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