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I Did That! is the 33rd episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

Characters Present[]


Joe and Blue teach the viewers about who did what and how to make people feel good during an apology.


This episode is all about actions and results. we learn that by doing certain things, we can cause things to happen or make people feel a certain way. For example, Tickety makes Shovel mad/angry when she accidentally knocks over his block tower and we find a way to help her out. After mail time, Joe nearly tripped over a stuffed zebra, but then he put it back. We skidoo to Blue's school, where we explore sharing and taking turn.


  • Question: What does Blue want to make you do?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Mouth
    • 2. A Curved Line
    • 3. A Sound ("Hee-hee hee.")
  • Answer: Laugh
  • Skidoo location: Blue's School
  • Living room picture: A person winning a running race, then standing on a mountain top, then a laughing face
  • Felt Frame picture: Fifi & Freddy tied shoes
  • Colored Shirt: Blue


  • Notebook
  • Kazoo


  • Elizabeth Bernstein, a relative of retired Research & Development Analyst Debra Bernstein, is one of Joe's Friends in this episode.
  • After the third clue was introduced, the clues weren’t gone over. Instead, the other clues commented on the sound, before they all say “Now that we’re three, what will we be?”. This is most likely due to the shortened length of the episode and time constraints.
    • However, the producers could have shortened the credits since they were on the long side. That way, the clues could've introduced themselves in addition to commenting on the sound.
  • When dressing up in silly things at the end of the episode, Blue does a Groucho Marx impression.
  • This episode has a lot of allusions to earlier episodes.
    • The scene where Joe made Sidetable Drawer sad while asking her for the notebook without saying please is a remake of a similar scene from Blue's Sad Day. Joe says "I'm sorry"
    • When Blue wears the shoe on her head, it's an allusion to what Steve did in What's So Funny?.
    • When Blue does a Groucho Marx impression, it's also a reference from when Steve and Mailbox did it in the same episode.
  • This is the second appearance of Mouth, but Joe did not use a red crayon.
  • The doorbell from What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? was reused in this episode.
  • When Blue brought blocks to help Shovel build his block tower, they were in her wagon from Adventures in Art.
  • Other dinosaur-related items in Blue's School include a T-Rex made of aluminum foil and Shovel's dinosaur painting from "I'm So Happy!".
  • In the Mailtime Segment, Joe talks to Mailbox about what getting the mail makes him feel like doing.
  • A different phone was answered in this episode.
  • This is Joe's version of "Blue's Sad Day", "Blue Is Frustrated", "Shy", "What's So Funny?", and "Superfriends".
    • The reason why it is the Joe version of Blue's Sad Day is because Blue (in one of the situations at school --through a Skidoo Adventure segment) appears sad. However, it was Orange Kitten who made Blue sad instead of Green Puppy. Orange Kitten says "I'm sorry" and Blue says "that's okay, I'm sorry as well"
  • The phone sound clue clip is mostly similar to the episodes What Is Blue Afraid Of? and Steve Goes to College.
  • Shovel gets mad at Tickety Tock for knocking his tower of blocks down by her car. Tickety Tock says "I'm sorry" to Shovel and Shovel says "that's okay, I'm sorry as well".
  • Duck gets mad at Purple Kangaroo for stealing his toy dinosaur. Purple Kangaroo says "I'm sorry" to Duck and Ducks says "that's okay, I'm sorry as well".
  • Joe wears a blue squared shirt in this episode.
  • Blue's funny dance animation will later be reused in Season 6 for the transition to Blue's Room, except she'll do it in place with an excited expression.
  • Miss Marigold's doesn't physically appear in this episode, but she says, "Time to go outside to the playground!" with her voice being heard off-screen.
  • In the credits, they did that, they bid farewell to all of the characters and their actions, this is the last episode with the character animations of Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper in their proper positions, Tickety's 1st action (ringing her bells), Slippery's 1st action, Shovel by himself without Pail altogether after being mirrored, and finally, the very first animation ever created for a Blue's Clues credit: Blue's goodbye barking and waving at the very end.
  • Shovel appears without Pail, except for during the credits.
  • The mad characters in this episode are Shovel and Duck.
  • The sad characters in this episode are Frankie, Sidetable Drawer, and Blue.
  • In this episode, Blue feels sad after Orange Kitten pushed her, just like after Green Puppy is she knocked down Blue's block tower and the same way Sidetable Drawer did because Steve didn't say "Please!" in Blue's Sad Day and in Blue's Big Musical, where Periwinkle likes her singing which means she can sing in the show after all, the same way the baby did while crying while the janitor went past him in What's That Sound? after noticing that his balloon got destroyed when the wind makes it hit the lamppost in the skidoo movie, and the same way the rabbits did when their directions were gone in Story Wall after they flew out of Robbie's pocket while they were walking in the woods to Grandma Rabbit's house.
  • In this episode, Shovel and Duck feel angry the same way Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper did when they can't do three parts of their picnic basket, the same way the hippo did when she roared in Blue's Play, chasing the scaredy-mouse, the same way Rebecca did to Robbie when he forgot to pack her sandwich and she was hungry in Story Wall, and also the same way Blue did in Body Language, but they all fight, which was the answer.
  • This is the second episode in which a block tower is knocked down. The first time this happened was in Blue's Sad Day.
  • In this episode, Franny tied Frankie's shoes the same way Frank, aka the Cheerer-Upper, did to The Runner in Superfriends.
  • This episode is similar to stopping, breathing, and thinking, just like in Blue Is Frustrated.
  • The second clue, a curved line, would later return in the Blue's Clues & You! episode, Rainbow Puppy's Skidoo Adventure. But this time, it was actually seen being drawn and was the first clue.
  • Also, the mouth clue later returns in Magenta's Case of the Giggles with a different appearance and being the second clue.
  • At the end of the episode, The Viewer laughs like Blue did in What's So Funny?.
  • After Blue goes first and Orange Kitten goes second for sliding down the slide, which is the last part of the skidoo segment, it was time for Joe to skidoo back home and figure out what Blue wants to make the viewer do.
  • This is another Joe episode with feelings, just like in Body Language.


  • While Blue wears the clown nose and flaps her tongue at the viewers, her eyes suddenly go into two different directions, which would be impossible and painful to do in real life.


Watch Episode[]

This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.
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