Full Name
Stuffed Anteater
First Appearance
Last Appearance
"Steve Goes to College" (in person)
"Blue's First Holiday" (on the TV)
"Joe's Clues" (cameo)

Horace is Steve's stuffed anteater doll. Steve didn't make it himself, unlike what Joe did with his stuffed duck Boris.


Horace is orange with a pair of black buttons for eyes. It has a long red tongue and big ears.


  • Horace debuted in "Blue's Big Pajama Party", where Steve says he is two years old, his favorite color is green (just like Steve), and he loves magic tricks. He was seen earlier lying next to the toy chest along with an orange teddy bear and the short toy giraffe. Horace was also seen in that same position next to the first clue (a sleeping bag) at the time of his introduction.
  • He appeared with Steve in Blue's Big Musical at the beginning.
  • Steve brought him to college in "Steve Goes to College".
  • His last appearance and cameo was in "Joe's Clues", where he was among the orange and yellow objects and things in the picture book that Joe tried to hide among.


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