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Holiday Wishes, also known as Blue's Holiday Wishes on home media (VHS/DVD), is the 3rd episode of Blue's Room from season 1.



Blue discovers her playroom friends' favorite things about the holidays while they help Doodleboard decorate and prepare for a special visit from Joe.


Blue looks out the window, and it is snowing outside. Suddenly, she hears voices singing in the background. Blue's playroom friends sing the tune of Jingle Bells as they ride in a sleigh. After the song, Blue starts jingling her bells, Fred decorates the Christmas tree, Polka Dots gives a present to a viewer, and Roary drinks hot cocoa. After the Blue's Room introduction, Blue shows a picture of Joe and tells the viewer that Joe will be coming over for a holiday visit. Polka Dots, Roary and Fred look out the window and see that it is snowing hard. Blue looks worried, and thinks Joe may not find them through all this snow. So, they decide to light a candle for Joe to find. Candle comes into view, and he says that he will be there to light the way. Candle disappears and reappears outside all lit up. Candle says that it will not be easy because the wind might blow him out. Polka Dots sees this and will check on him later on to see if his candlelight is still on. Polka Dots asks the viewer to check with him to see if Candle's candlelight is staying on. The viewer accepts the request. Later on, it is time to doodle with Doodleboard. Doodleboard appears, and Blue asks what Doodleboard likes about the holidays. Doodleboard tells Blue that what he likes about holidays is decorating a Christmas tree with lots of drawings. Doodleboard has the viewer play a game called "Doodle, Doodle, Guess" to help Blue decorate her playroom to make it look festive. Doodleboard starts drawing and the viewer sees that Doodleboard is drawing a Christmas tree. They sing Deck the Halls to make a Christmas tree appear and it worked. Doodleboard draws something different. The viewer sees that he is drawing a star. Frederica sees the star and says that is what she likes about the holidays. They sing Deck the Halls again to make a treetop star appear. Sure enough, the treetop star was placed on top of the tree. Doodleboard draws one more thing to complete their holiday decorations. The viewer watches Doodleboard as he draws a menorah. Roary appears and says that a menorah is what he likes about the holidays.

They get a table ready. They sing Deck the Halls one more time to make a menorah appear. After that, the holiday decorations are complete and look festive. When Frederica sees the candles on the menorah, she wants to blow them out, but Polka Dots tells her to stop, because the candles on the menorah burn out on their own. Frederica wants to know what kind of candles they are. Roary tells them that they are Hanukkah candles which told the story about a lamp they thought would last for 1 night. But, it lasted for 8 days. Frederica tells a different story where people light a lantern that led them to a holiday festival, which reminds them of the candle they put outside so Joe can find Blue's playroom. They all gasp. Polka Dots goes to the window where Candle was waiting for Joe. Polka Dots asks the viewer if Candle's light is still on and it is. Candle is hanging in there but does not see Joe yet. Polka Dots returns with Blue, Fred and Roary. He tells them that candle's light is still on. They are relieved. Soon after, they decide to sing their holiday song. It starts with Doodleboard with the Christmas tree, Frederica with the treetop star, Roary with the menorah and Blue holding a picture of Joe. After the song, Polka-Dots pokes his head out of a door and disappears inside. Blue surprises him. Polka-Dots screams but then he says that he has a present to give out. Polka Dots has a plate of puzzle piece cookies. He had one cookie for himself, one cookie for Blue and one cookie to hand out the viewer. After that, Blue asks Polka Dots what he likes about the holidays, and Polka Dots says generosity. Blue hears what Polka Dots said and is not sure what the word generosity means. Blue decides to define that word in the dictionary. Dictionary appears and shows everyone what the word generosity means.

Generosity means being kind, making people feel good and happy. It can also mean making something for a friend and giving it to them. Now that Blue knows what the meaning of the word generosity is, she sings out the word. Blue decides to sing the holiday song again. It starts with what Polka Dots, Doodleboard, Fred, Roary and Blue like about the holidays. After the tune, Boogie Woogie starts singing happily. He has a game for Blue, Polka Dots, Roary and Frederica. It is a Dreidel game. Dreidel appears and instructs the characters to say spin, dreidel, spin. They did so 4 times and Dreidel spins away. After the dreidel game, Antonio comes into Blue's playroom. Antonio had a gift for Blue, Polka Dots and everyone else. They were told not to peek at what Antonio brought. Antonio gets out the gift and tells them to look now. Antonio made a homemade present for Blue, Polka Dots and everyone else. Polka Dots and Blue realize that Antonio is showing generosity. Blue and Polka Dots have to check on Candle once more to see if the candlelight is still on. They check out the window and Candle's candlelight is still on. Suddenly, they hear bells jingling. Blue wants to know who is ringing the bells. Then she realizes that it is Joe. Joe was coming. Candle sees him too. Not long after that, Joe comes into the playroom with his holiday hat on and has his blue squared shirt on. Joe thanks everyone for helping him find his way to Blue's playroom. He even gives a thanks to Candle for lighting the way. Candle knew he was right for the job. Joe has a gift for Blue. It is a new winter hat which matches the scarf she had from last year. Everyone tells Joe that they have made up a holiday song on what everyone likes about the holidays. Joe says that what he likes about the holidays is spending time with loved ones. The holiday song starts once more with Joe saying he enjoys spending time with loved ones, Antonio says making homemade presents, Boogie Woogie playing the Dreidel game, Polka Dots showing generosity, Doodleboard and the Christmas tree, Fred and the treetop star and Blue's visit with Joe. They all have a great time.

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  • This is the only time in season one where Moona does not remind Blue that it was time to go at the end of the episode.
  • This is the only episode where Way Great Playdate song was not sung at the end due to everyone singing Jingle Bells.
  • This is also the first episode where Blue does not use the playdate spinner to determine the theme of the playdate for the episode at the beginning.
  • Joe returns in this episode, after being absent 7 months after Bluestock premiered.
  • The word of the day is "generosity".
  • The dramatic sting from Blue's Big Mystery on Blue's Clues was used on this episode.
  • This was the last episode to air in 2004.
  • Joe wears his blue shirt again. The last time he wore it was in the Blue's Clues episode The Legend of the Blue Puppy.
  • This episode reveals that Roary is Jewish.
  • This is the Blue's Room version of Blue's Big Holiday, Blue's First Holiday, and Blue's Night Before Christmas.


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