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Hide and Seek is the 8th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 2.

Characters Present


  • Question: Where does Blue want to hide?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Clock
    • 2. A Pillow
    • 3. Pajamas
  • Answer: Bedroom
  • Living room picture: Baby Bear hiding at the top corner, then Baby Bear hiding at the bottom right corner, then Baby Bear hiding at the left corner, then Baby Bear finally found
  • Skidoo location: Book of All About Blue
  • Felt frame picture: A clock 1st clue, then Felt Friends diamond background, circle background, crescent background.
  • Letter: Yellow (US) Orange (UK)


Blue wants to hide somewhere in the house. The question in this episode is Where does Blue want to hide?


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  • Notebook
  • Ball


  • On July 1, 2019, when this show was pulled from the Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin) Channel's lineup, this was the very last episode to be broadcast before the reboot premiered 4 months later.
  • The "Thinking Chair" phrase from What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things? was used twice.
  • This marks the third and last episode, since Season 1, to have Blue appear four times during the credit sequence.
  • For this episode, the Video Letter segment is directed by former sound engineer Betsy Nagler.
  • This is the fifth episode where viewers say Notebook! from "Mailbox's Birthday" wasn't used.
  • This is the fifth Steve wears his tan shoes.
  • When Cybil Circle throws the ball at Steve, it transforms into a real-life ball.
    • This ball is similar to Blue's, only the star is red.
  • This is the first time that Steve gets the letter from Mailbox behind the Thinking Chair.
  • When Steve says "We have all three clues!", the audio is taken from Season 1's The Trying Game except the audio is quieter.
  • This is the second time Mailbox screams, the first being in "What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?".
  • When Steve and Blue skidoo back to the Thinking Chair, instead of the traditional Thinking Chair music introduced in "Blue's ABCs", the rest of the Blue Skidoo song played. However, as Steve sat down, the timpani and gong sound played.
  • The Phoebe Snow guest stars in this episode as the voice of Lady Basset.
    • This is the first time a guest star is featured in an episode.
  • The theme of the episode was used again in Hide and Seek with Blue.
  • This episode bids farewell to Blue wagging her tail and peeking over (the last two credit actions for Blue).


  • Many sources considered this to be Season 2, Episode 21 (or Season 3, Episode 1), and uploaded on July 8/19, 1998, which doesn't make sense at all, because Season 2 episodes were still airing. According to iTunes and Amazon, this is Season 3, Episode 8, and uploaded on October 25, 1999.


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