Happy Birthday, Blue! is the 11th episode of Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Blue's Birthday".


  • Question: What does Blue want for her birthday present?
  • Clues:
    • The color green
    • A tank
    • A shell
  • Wrong Answer: Could she want a green in a tank with a shell as a hat?
  • Right Answer: A turtle (Turquoise)


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  • The decorations and the stuffed puppy that the viewer picked for Blue's present was rainbow-colored instead of Blue with spots.
  • The part where the missing balloon and napkin were fixed were absent.
  • In the original episode, the 1st clue (the color green was represented by a green non-sentient but mobile paint drop. In the reboot episode, it was represented by a mere green paint splat.
  • Many of the Present Store toys look different.
  • There were more pets at the Present Store beside Turquoise (who is the only turtle in the store): a blue and purple chameleon, and a pair of fish.
    • The tank that the fish were in represented as the second clue (a tank). In the original episode, the tank representing the second clue was an empty one in the kitchen.
  • In the original episode, Gingerbread Boy and Baby Bear were at the party, but are absent in the reboot episode.
    • As such, Gingerbread Boy's present was absent from Present Time, but still appeared in the Present Store.
    • In contrast, Cinnamon and Joe were absent from the original due to being introduced later.
    • Steve seems to be absent.
    • Magenta was also present during the beginning of Present Time, when in the original she appeared after everyone else, just before the 3rd clue (a shell) was revealed after her entry.
      • In the reboot, the shell was revealed after Blue moved some presents to admire the rainbow puppy the viewer gave her.
  • In the reboot, none of the other guests besides the viewers shouted "Thinking Chair!" after all 3 clues were found.
  • In the reboot, Josh's guess was that "Could Blue want a green in a tank with a shell as a hat". In its Steve counterpart, there was no wrong answer.
  • The Birthday Song has different lyrics.
  • In the reboot, the Shaker Family were sitting on one of the benches of the table. In the original, they were on the table.


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