"Happy Birthday, Blue!" is the eleventh episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Blue's Birthday".


  • Question: What does Blue want for her birthday present?
  • Clues:
    • The color green
    • A tank
    • A shell
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: A turtle (Turquoise)
  • Wrong answer: The color green in a tank with a shell as a hat?


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Happy Birthday Blue

Happy Birthday Blue


  • The decorations and the stuffed puppy that the viewer picked for Blue's present was rainbow-colored instead of blue with spots, just like Blue herself.
  • Josh blows his party blower at the viewer after he tells the viewer that he loves birthdays.
  • Josh makes kissing noises while pretending to be a fish for the fishes. However, in a promo for this episode, he kissed his own giraffe balloon that he made.
  • In a promo for this episode, he did an impression of Blue while revealing a Blue’s ears balloon party hat.
  • The part where the missing balloon and napkin were fixed were absent.
  • In the original episode, the first clue (the color green was represented by a green non-sentient but mobile paint drop. In the reboot episode, it was represented by a mere green paint splat.
  • Many of the Present Store toys look different.
  • In the original episode, Steve refers to the plush animals as "adorable little toys". In the reboot, Josh refers to them as "adorable little stuffies".
  • There were more pets at the Present Store beside Turquoise (who is the only turtle in the store): a blue and purple chameleon, and a pair of fish. Josh refers to the fishes as “cute fishies”.
  • The tank that the fish were in represented as the second clue (a tank). In the original episode, the tank representing the second clue was an empty one in the kitchen.
    • The fact that the second clue is in the present store does not make sense, because Blue did not and is not supposed to go in the present store or her presents will be spoiled (unless she skidooed and put the paw print there a while before Josh skidooed there).
      • Joe also notice the viewer said a clue.
      • This could be a goof, but it is very confusing.
        • It's just like Magenta Gets Glasses, and it's remake, when Blue shouldn't be putting a clue inside there.
          • There was no skidoo in these episodes, but Blue could've skidooed there, but very confusing.
            • Those are the most confusing things about when Blue put a pawprint.
  • In the original, Steve bought Turquoise before figuring out Blue's Clues, but in the remake, Josh bought Turquoise after figuring out Blue's Clues.
  • The musical chairs scene was absent from the original series.
    • Mailtime came immediately after Josh skidoos out of the picture frame.
  • Josh still has a present in his hands while he sings the Mailtime Song.
  • In the original episode, Gingerbread Boy and Baby Bear were at the party, but are absent in the reboot episode.
    • As such, Gingerbread Boy's present was absent from Present Time, but still appeared in the Present Store.
    • Baby Bear would appear in the next episode "Story Time with Blue".
    • In contrast, Cinnamon and Joe were absent from the original due to being introduced later.
    • Steve is absent.
    • Paprika and Cinnamon we're present in the scenes of cupcakes and placing them on the party table.
    • The spice family we're present during Present Time.
    • Magenta was also present during the beginning of Present Time, when in the original she appeared after everyone else, just before the 3rd clue (a shell) was revealed after her entry.
      • In the reboot, the shell was revealed after Blue moved some presents to admire the rainbow puppy the viewer gave her.
  • The part after Steve found the third clue where Steve comes back to Blue about to open Magenta's present was omitted.
  • In the reboot, none of the other guests besides the viewers shouted "Thinking Chair!" after all 3 clues were found.
  • In the reboot, Josh's guess was that "Could we have a green in a tank with a shell as a hat". In the original, there was no wrong answer.
  • In the original, there was a game of Pin-the-Flag on Mailbox. In the reboot, this was absent.
  • The Birthday Song has different lyrics.
  • In the reboot, the Shaker Family were sitting on one of the benches of the table. In the original, they were on the table.
    • Also Mr. Salt and Ms. Pepper wore party hats, which they didn't in the original.
  • In the original, many gifts were shown (I.G: Shovel and Pail giving flowers, Magenta's picture). However in the reboot, only Silppery's Bubbles, Tickety's Clock Puzzle, the viewer's dog toy, and Josh's present of Turquoise were given.
  • In the original, the credits we're played on a banner that says "Happy Birthday Blue" during the so long song. In the reboot, the credits we're played after the so long song as usual.
  • The scenes from the original VHS version weren't used.


  • It is also known promotionally as Blue's Big Birthday Bash
  • Working Title: “A Present For A Friend”.
  • This is the 2nd episode of the show in production order.
    • This episode takes place and is produced before "Big News with Blue" because not only are Sage and Ginger not seen during the theme song, but they don't appear at all in the episode.
    • This episode also took place before "Getting Glasses With Magenta" because Magenta doesn't have her glasses in the episode.
    • This episode also took place before "Laugh with Blue" because Turquoise was seen in the bedroom bookshelf.
    • This episode also takes place after “Meet Josh!” because, after Blue put her pawprint on the screen, Josh said “I know what that means!”, referring to learning how to play in the said episode.
    • It is unknown why this episode was released much later.
  • Not counting the 2002 update of Blue's Clues Live!: Blue's Birthday Party, this is the first time Joe celebrates Blue's birthday. This is ironic because Joe had a birthday in "Joe's Surprise Party" in the original Blue's Clues series.
  • Josh makes kissing noises for a little bit while pretending to be a fish.
  • This is the second time Alexa PenaVega appeared in a form of Blue's Clues media, she previously appeared in a promo for the Blue's Clues special "100th Episode Celebration".
  • This is the second episode that doesn't follow the formula "[Subject] with Blue/[Character]" after "Meet Josh!".
  • Nick Jr.'s Facebook page posted a shoutout video wishing Blue a happy birthday on the day of the episode's premier. In addition to some of the celebrity shoutouts from the video letter, this video also contains shoutouts from other celebrities as well as characters from this and other Nick Jr. shows:
  • In one of the promo video for this episode (which was also posted on Nick Jr.'s Youtube Channel), Paprika spoke for the first time
  • It’s unknown why neither Josh nor Joe didn’t call Steve.
  • This was the very first Blue's Clues episode to have a wrong answer with a color clue


  • There are no swirls on the phone when the second clue was found due to the fact that was a unseen phone design.
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