Handy Dandy Journal


Handy Dandy Journal
Journal/Notebook/Diary-type Book
First Appearance
Voiced By
Brianna Gentilella

Handy Dandy Journal is a journal/notebook/diary. He is Blue's favorite book to write things in. Journal lives on top of Bookshelf and looks like Polka Dots. He is similar to the Handy Dandy Notebook.


Handy Dandy Journal is a hexagon-shaped aquamarine notebook/journal/diary-type book with many lavender and periwinkle spots containing many white pages. He has a dog-like face consisting of 2 dark blue eyes and eyebrows, a big purple nose spot, and a purple mouth. He also has 3 light blue yarn hairs on his top corner and a light blue spiral on his left side face.


Handy Dandy Journal has appeared in 1 episode of Blue's Room which was Snacktime Playdate. His first Blue's Clues appearance was in "Playdates".


  • Handy Dandy Journal is used by Blue and no one else uses him.
  • His voice actress, Brianna Gentiella also provides the voice for Dictionary and the Season 1 voice and singing voice for Molly on Bubble Guppies.
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