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"Growing with Blue" is the tenth episode of Season 1 in the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "The Grow Show."


In this episode, Blue and Josh were growing up.


  • Question: What does Blue want to do outside?
  • Clues:
    1. Dirt
    2. A Watering Can
    3. Seeds
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Plant a garden
  • Wrong answer: Put the dirt and seeds in the watering can.
  • Living room picture: An adult duck and her baby


Josh and Blue have been growing. They play a game of Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue wants to do outside. They get the notebook from Sidetable Drawer. He then finds the first clue on some dirt on some boots and draws it in his notebook. Not long after that, Josh and Blue help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper figure out how to make orange juice and where it comes from. They find out that orange juice comes from oranges, which come from orange trees, which come from seeds: first a seed is planted, and then an orange tree grows, an orange gets picked from the tree, gets squeezed, and the juice is poured into a cup. In summary, orange juice comes from an orange tree seed that is planted; and then, the seed grows into a full-grown orange tree; and then, an orange is picked from the tree; and the juice is squeezed into a cup.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper also said that you can also get orange juice from a carton out of the fridge. After helping them out, Josh heads outside to find the second clue on the watering can. He draws it in his notebook. He heads back inside for Mail time and in the letter was a girl showing her growth chart. After that, Josh and Blue help their felt friends, Fifi and Freddy, figure out where certain fruits and vegetables grow. They know that oranges grow on trees, potatoes grow underground and grapes grow on vines. After they sing a song about it, they skidoo back home and Steve finds the third clue on some seeds on the table. Josh draws the third clue and sits in the thinking chair to put all the clues together.

Josh thought he should put the seeds and dirt in the watering can and mix them up. That answer was so silly it poured on his head. Josh thought he had better put the seeds in the dirt and use the watering can to water the seeds in the dirt. The answer to Blue's Clues is that Blue wanted to plant a garden. Josh and Blue went outside once more to do so after figuring out Blue's Clues. Blue had just dug a hole in the ground when Josh arrived with the watering can and one of the seeds, which he dropped into the hole. After Blue filled the hole back up and watered it, Josh says that if we give the seed plenty of water and sunshine, it will grow up to be a big, beautiful, blue sunflower. As he tells the viewers this, the seed does grow into a sunflower, but tells us that this does not happen until later before shrinking back into the ground.

As Josh and Blue plant more seeds, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Shovel, Pail, and the felt friends came over. Josh plants more seeds as he sings the So Long Song (which the other sunflowers moved to) and after Shovel digs a hole, Josh tosses a seed into it, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper cover it up, and a small sunflower instantly grew. Everyone waves goodbye as the episode ends with the sunflower looking at the viewers.



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  • This is the first episode to air in 2020, as well as the first episode to premiere in the 2020s decade.
  • This is the first episode where Josh appears during the credits.
    • This is also the first time where the live-action host appears in the credits in any Blue's Clues media. Steve and Joe never appeared in the credits in the original series.
      • It was only animated characters in the original.
    • Josh was doing an animation from the skidoo segment.
  • When Josh says "One more time.", his voice was dubbed by Eugene Clark, who also voiced the felt potatoes.



  • In the original episode, the watering can was plastic and yellow with flowers on its left side. But in the remake, it is metal and light blue.
  • The giraffe measuring was green instead of red.
  • Josh used a measuring tape to measure everyone's height.
  • In addition to to Sidetable saying her original "Blue's Clues, I'm so Excited" quote, Josh noticed that she had grown and measures her height.
  • The Shovel and Pail doing the inchworm measurements scene was cut.
    • Mailtime came immediately after the 2nd clue.
  • Gopher is added instead of the felt gopher, and the felt bird didn't appear.
  • Josh asks to do the song again in his deep Jolly Green Giant impression instead of the grapes.
    • Also he wore a farmer's hat during the second round of the song and throws it up in the air and lands on Fred which Steve didn't do in the original.
  • In the original, Steve stepped aside to draw the watering can clue. In the reboot, Josh stays put to draw it.
  • The original episode has three pawprints for the third clue (seeds), whereas this episode has only one pawprint used for the seeds as the third clue.
  • In the original, the boots by the dirt are green due to green being Steve’s favorite color. In the remake they are blue due to being Josh’s favorite color.
  • In the original, Steve passed the Felt Friends in which one was happy and the other was sad. In the remake, they stayed happy when Josh walked past it.
  • In the original, the Watering Can was yellow. In the remake, it was blue.
  • In the original when Steve drew the Watering Can’s handle, he only drew the handle behind it instead of two.
  • When Steve drew the Watering Can’s spout he said, "dots" instead of "holes".
  • In the original, the potatoes and grapes danced side to side. In the remake, they danced up and down.
  • In the original, when Steve mentioned, "Blue’s Clues," to the seeds, they bounced a little at a time. In the remake, all the seeds jumped up together when Josh mentioned, "Blue’s Clues,".
  • In the original, Steve said, "Put the seeds and the dirt in the watering can and mix it all up,." In the remake, Josh didn't add, "and mix it all up,".
  • In the original during the thinking time part when Steve had the wrong answer, he said, "maybe," then the wrong answer poured on Steve's head and he said "not." In the remake, the wrong answer poured on his head and he said, "Okay. Maybe not.".
  • All the sunflowers were regular ones, even the originally blue sentient one in the growing demonstration that said "But that's not til' later.".
    • The talking sunflower additionally reappeared at the very end of the episode and winked at the audience before the credits.
  • Sage and Ginger appeared with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper at the end.
  • Josh does not plant more seeds during The So Long Song, instead he plays his watering can like his guitar.
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