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A picture of the toy.

Goodnight Blue is a toy made by Fisher-Price. Kids can put their friend Blue to sleep by reading her a book that interacts with her. Blue's dressed up in her pajamas and her nightcap. The toy was introduced in 1999, and discontinued in 2002 due to Steve leaving, and all merchandise featuring Steve being discontinued in 2002.

How to Play[]

3 AA batteries (Blue) and 3 AAA batteries (the book) are required for play.

Squeeze Blue's left paw, and she will bark to let you know that she is ready for the book to be read to her. Then, open the book to the first page. Magical dust sound is played from the book, and Blue's eyes with open and her ears will raise all the way if they aren't already. Then, press the button on the first page of the book, and Steve will say a phrase (from the book). Then, as you turn pages, press the buttons on each page, and characters will say a goodnight phrase to Blue (from the book). As each page is turned, Blue's eyelids and ears will lower by a bit. Finally, on the last page when the button is pressed, Steve will say a goodnight phrase, and a lullaby will play from the book. Blue will yawn, lower her ears and close her eyes all the way and start snoring. The book and Blue will automatically turn off after that.

Blue can be played with separately from the book. Press her left paw and she will bark and open her eyes and raise her ears. With the first two squeezes of her paw, her eyelids and ears lower by a little bit, yawning with every lowering. The third squeeze - she will bark "Goodnight", lower her ears and close her eyes all the way, then she will snore.

Note: If the toys are not played with for about 3 minutes, they will shut down (both Blue and the book) to preserve battery life. They can be turned on again by pressing Blue's paw or opening the book.

Characters on the pages[]


  • This was the first and only toy to have a connected accessory for the original series.
  • Since this had Steve in it, the toy was discontinued in 2002.