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|Box title = Gingerbread Boy
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|Row 1 title = Name
|Row 1 info = Gingerbread Boy
|Row 2 title = Color
|Row 2 info = Ginger
|Row 3 title = Gender
|Row 3 info = Male
|Row 4 title = Relatives
|Row 4 info = [[Gingerbread Girl]] (sister)
|Row 5 title = Species
|Row 5 info = Gingerbread Man}}
'''Gingerbread Boy''' is a gingerbread man who visits Steve & Blue every once and a while. He can by shy and mostly doesn't talk. He loves surprises, though.
Gingerbread Boy has appeared in several episodes. His first appearance was in ''[[Blue Wants to Play a Game]].''
Gingerbread Boy is a ginger color with white eyes. He has a mouth made from white frosting. Gingerbread Boy wears gumdrop buttons.
*Gingerbread Boy has a sister who's named Gingerbread Girl who has blonde curly hair.
*Gingerbread Boy gave Blue a gingerbread house as a gift in [[Blue's Birthday]].
*He appeared in only 4 episodes.
*He appeared in the audience in [[Blue's Big Musical Movie]].
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