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Gingerbread Boy is a gingerbread man who visits Steve and Blue every once and a while. He can be shy and mostly doesn't talk. He loves surprises, though.


Gingerbread Boy is a ginger color with white eyes. He has a mouth made of white frosting. Gingerbread Boy has three swirled buttons.


Gingerbread Boy has appeared in several episodes. His first appearance was in "Blue Wants to Play a Game".

He appeared in the audience in "Blue's Big Musical".

He also appeared in the computer game "Blue's 123 Time Activities". In this game, all of his buttons are light brown, but in the beta, they were their usual colors.


  • Gingerbread Boy has a sister who's named Gingerbread Girl who has yellow hair.
  • Gingerbread Boy gave Blue a gingerbread house as a present in "Blue's Birthday".
  • In his first appearance, his gingerbread house was located in a board game similar to Candy Land.
    • To get to it, you have to go up a mountain and over a bridge. His house is in between the red and green apple trees.
  • He appeared among the articles in "What's New, Blue?".
  • He also appeared on the living room picture frame with his sister in "Joe's First Day" when Steve went to the bedroom.
    • This is about the only that shows them together.
  • Gingerbread men resembling Gingerbread Boy are seen on the bakery shelves in "What Does Blue Want to Make?" and "What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?".


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