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Growing up as a Deaf Indo-Guyanese from Tkaronto, Gaitrie Persaud-Dhunmoon always had a passion for music and theatre performance. As an artist, she has worked with multiple hearing performers creating accessible performances, recently alongside Rosina Kazi of LAL, Christopher Corsini of MDL CHLD (live showcases) and collaborating with an Australian musician to create accessible videos. She also interpreted for Feist’s concert. She is gaining popularity and has been recognized as the top emerging Deaf music interpreter in Canada. Creatively translating lyrics into accessible movement, Gaitrie spoke at Montreal’s POP Music Festival alongside panelist/activist Deaf Rapper Matt Maxey of Deafinitely Dope.

Gaitrie breathes for theatre. Acting is her passion that she lives for. Gaitrie has been in different theatre performances that help her to discover her new talents. She is currently working on her project “Splitting the lens”. She’s trying to find theatre techniques to encourage Deaf actors and hearing actors to work together without depending on ASL interpreters.

She is the Deaf anchor for Sign1 News powered by CNN.

Gaitrie owns her own company, which is called Phoenix the Fire. It is a theatre hub for the Deaf IBPOC artistic community.