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Freddy, also known as Fred (More common name in Blue's Clues & You!), is a felt boy and one of the Felt Friends. He lives in the Felt Frame located inside the Blue's Clues house with all the other felt friends. He often needs help deciding on what to do and where to put things.


Like all felt friends, Freddy has a circle head and a pair of rectangle arms and legs (all of which are gold), and a square body (which is orange) like most felt boys. He also has a pair of black eyes and a pink mouth.



  • Freddy's voice was first heard over the phone from "Blue's Favorite Song". Soon after, he and his sister Fifi appeared onscreen.
  • Cody Ross Pits (the voice actor for this character) also voiced Slippery Soap.
  • In books such as Welcome to Blue's Clues! and Blue's Felt Friends, Freddy has a semicircle for a body instead of a square.
  • He also appeared in "Up, Down, All Around!". But this time is light blue with a purple square body.