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|Box title = Fred
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|Image file = Fred.jpg
|Image size = 300
|Row 1 title = Name
|Row 1 info = Frederica
|Row 2 title = Aliases
|Row 2 info = Fred, Mermaid, Birthday Girl
|Row 3 title = Gender
|Row 3 info = Female
|Row 4 title = Species
|Row 4 info = Doll
|Row 5 title =
|Row 5 info =
|Row 6 title =
|Row 6 info = }}'''Frederica''' (Fred for short) is a princess doll. She loves birthdays and pretend that every day is her birthday. Fredy is a high spirited girl with lots of ideas for adventure. She is a nice doll overall. Fredy is caring and generous.
[[File:Freddy.jpg|thumb|300px]]Fredy has purple skin and orange yarn for hair. She has a green and polka-dotted dress. Her tights are white with orange stripes. Fredy's crown is gold in the first stanza if the theme song and in [[Knights of the Snack Table]] she was dressed as a Damsel in Distress with a Green crown and a Green dress.
Fredy appears in every episode of [[Blue's Room]].
"It's my birthday, like always!"
"Yes, yes, of course!!"
"Oh, my, [[Roary]]! Have you been excercising your voice and your roar?"
"[[Polka-Dots|Polka Dots]], why do you keep interrupting me?"
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