Fred's Birthday


Season 1, Episode 2
November 24, 2004
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Fred's Birthday is the 2nd episode of Blue's Room from season 1.

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She's pretended about this day all the rest of the year, and now it's finally here, Fred's birthday. Blue and Fred play Dots' new game, Birthday Party Puzzle Surprise, which takes them all around Blue's Room on a big birthday adventure!


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  • The tune used saying it was Joe's Birthday from Joe's Surprise Party on Blue's Clues was reused to celebrate Frederica's birthday.
  • The word of the day is "celebrate".
  • The tune for "Frederica's Dance" was the same tune used for the song/dance "Do the Blue" from the home video Blue's Room: Sing & Boogie
    • Both songs' tunes are the same one used for the theme song of Blue's Room.
  • This is the first episode where Peter Linz performs Polka Dots, and Tyler Bunch performs Dress Up Chest, both taking over the roles originally performed by Tim Lagasse.
  • Similar to the episode Hug Day, Blue, nor her friends, say "goodbye" to the viewers at the end of this episode.

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