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The Felt Board (also called the Felt Frame) is a framework in which the Felt Friends live. It is located on a wall inside the Blue's Clues House. Steve or Joe often skidoo inside the frame with Blue. There are several Felt Friends who live in the frame, oddly, while usually, only one or two is shown in the frame. The Felt Friends rarely leave the picture frame.



The felt board is mostly a red oval frame. Its inside is black. There are pink swirls on the top and bottom of the frame (the top one swirls counterclockwise while the bottom one swirls clockwise).

In Blue's Clues & You!, the red felt board reappears, but is now smaller in circumference and is relocated near the left side of the Thinking Chair above Sidetable Drawer. In it's original place is an identical felt board with a flame orange frame with coral swirls. Additional felt frames of either the same or different colors have also but less frequently appeared in this series.


The felt board appears in many episodes. It was first seen in "Snack Time".


  • In Blue's Clues & You!, whenever Blue's Clues is solved, the red felt frame displays something related to the answer to Blue's Clues.