The Elephants are a family of elephants from a picture that Blue painted different colors in Snack Time. The elephant wearing a hat (who was already painted earlier) was painted orange (even though there wasn't any orange paint, though Blue might have mixed red and yellow to make orange) with a green hat that has a yellow brim; the biggest elephant (the orange elephant's mother) was painted yellow; The elephant with the longest trunk (the orange elephant's brother) was painted pink; and the baby elephant (most likely the orange elephant's other sibling) was painted purple.


  • The big yellow elephant’s appearance was be used for the elephant in the next episode: What Time Is It for Blue?, only that elephant is gray with a squarer trunk tip and black toenails added.
  • The colors green and red were never used by Blue to paint the elephants
    • Though earlier, the red may have been mixed with yellow to make orange to paint the elephant with the hat, and the green may have been used with yellow to paint the hat.
  • When each elephant took a peanut from the bowl (which was never painted), they just took the outline of the peanut, which became another peanut.


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