Dress Up Day is the seventeenth episode of Blue's Clues from season 5.


The characters are playing dress up and we get to watch them, join in and have some fun pretending. The fun starts as Joe becomes an explorer and later dresses up as a robot. They see some of our favorite characters dress up as a crossing guard, an astronaut and more. Later, in the Skidoo segment, they help an ostrich to put on a play, finding the proper props and costumes to make the playwork.


  • Question: What are you (the viewer) going to dress up as?
  • Clues:
    • The color green
    • A pond
    • Hopping
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: A frog
  • Skidoo: Ostrich's Stage
  • Living room picture: Mr. Salt dressed as different costumes: First as a bunny, then as a rockstar, then as a sailor


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Characters Present



  • This is Joe's version of "Blue's Big Costume Party".
  • The costumes that the characters were seen wearing in this episode are:
    • Mr. Salt (living room picture frame) - rabbit, rock star, sailor
    • Joe - explorer, robot, lion (pretend), alien (pretend), walker (pretend), elephant (during the skidoo segment), duck
    • Boris - clown
    • Blue - giraffe, princess (during the skidoo segment)
    • Paw Print - horse (pretend)
    • Sidetable Drawer - ice cream truck
    • Felt Friend- lion
    • Snail - flower
    • Sunflower - spy/cool person wearing sunglasses
    • Magenta (refrigerator drawing) - police officer
    • Green Puppy (refrigerator drawing) - firefighter
    • Shovel - astronaut
    • Pail - pig
    • Slippery - crossing guard
    • Periwinkle - taxi driver
    • Mailbox - alligator
    • Video Letter Boy - puppy
    • Video Letter Girl 1 - farmer
    • Video Letter Girl 2 - doctor
  • Joe's vocals for the Blue's Clues Theme Song are re-recorded for this episode, But that is so wrong.
  • A lot of music from past episodes can be heard in this episode.
    • When Joe goes exploring a small an explorer, the clue review music from "Prehistoric Blue" is heard.
    • When Joe is dressed as a robot, finding the first clue, the Tink's contraption music from "What Does Blue Want to Build?" and the Workshop music from "Inventions" was heard.
      • When Joe walks from the kitchen to the backyard, the first clue music from "Blue's Play" is heard.
      • After this, in the scene where Joe walks past Periwinkle and Slippery on the way to find the second clue, the clue review music from "Words" is heard.
        • The lullaby Joe sings to Blue at the end of Ostrich's play has the same tune as Sidetable's lullaby from "Making Changes".
  • In the paw print removal scene, it neighed like a horse and galloped off the screen. This also previously happened in "Adventure".
  • This is the first aired episode in which Joe wears his purple shirt.
  • Pail's pig costume is similar to Blue's pig costume from What Story Does Blue Want to Play?.
  • The picture of Magenta as a police officer does not show her wearing her glasses.
  • Blue (three times), Mailbox, Slippery, Shovel, and Pail appeared in their costumes during the credits.
  • This is the second time to feature the color Green as a clue, after Blue's Birthday.
    • Coincidentally, the color green was the first clue in both episodes.
  • Joe wears a purple squared shirt in this episode, but he changes into a yellow squared shirt when dressing up as a duck at the end of this episode.


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Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day

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