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Dress Up Chest is a main character in Blue's Room. He is a large purple treasure chest who enjoys playing dress-up. Dress Up Chest often gives Blue and her friends clothes that fit the theme of the episode.


Dress Up Chest is a resident of Blue's Room, and a good friend of Blue. He loves to play dress-up and has many different costumes and hats inside of him that he uses to play dress-up with Blue and their friends. The character is often seen at the beginning of Blue's Room episodes asking Blue if she wants to play dress up before Boogie Woogie appears on screen playing music.


Dress Up Chest is mostly purple. He has a gold lock and two white eyes with black pupils. Two turquoise-white stripes with light purple spots run down the sides of the chest.


Dress Up Chest has appeared in most episodes of Blue's Room and a few episodes of Blue's Clues. His first appearance in Blue's Clues was in "The Legend of the Blue Puppy". His first appearance in Blue's Room was in "Snacktime Playdate". He also made a silent and unmoving cameo in "Meet Blue's Baby Brother". His last appearance in any media was in "Music Stars", an episode of Blue's Room from its second season.


  • On some Blue's Room items, Dress Up Chest's name is spelled as "Dress-Up Chest."
  • When he opens, his tune is the same as Circle Time Song from Blue Takes You to School
  • His voice actor Tim Lagasse also does the voice of Oobi and Arty Smartypants & Gus the Bunny from Between The Lions.
  • Tyler Bunch also plays Grumpu from Oobi, Duck, Mr. Narrator, Dog, Fly and Ant from WordWorld, Winslow and Riona from It's a Big Big World and Treelo & Pop from Bear in the Big Blue House.


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