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Dede Dreidel

Dede is a dreidel who appears in the Blue's Clues & You! episode A Blue's Clues Festival of Lights. She is voiced by Markeda McKay.


Dede is a light brown wooden dreidel with her face on her handle consisting of a pair of black eyes with eyelashes and eyebrows and a dark pink mouth with a light pink tongue. The symbols on her sides are (from right to left) a blue nun (נ), a green gimel (ג‎ ), a red hei (ה), and a purple shin (ש).


  • The blue nun (נ) is the only symbol that was never mentioned, or landed on
  • Dede's voice actress, Markeda McKay, also voiced Panda Pirate Peggy in the episode "Blue's Treasure Hunt". She also plays Shade in PAW Patrol, as well as Orticia in Disney Junior's PJ Masks and Elinor the rabbit in PBS Kids's Elinor Wonders Why.