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"Colors with Blue" is the sixteenth episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Colors Everywhere!".


Portrait of Pals


Today, Blue and her friends are creating a Portrait of Pals. It is going to contain pictures of lots of our friends, but it seems that some of the colors we need are missing. In this episode, we help out with mixing needing colors to help with the portrait. We also skidoo into a book of colors where we find some friends that are very colorful and help them to find their color friends, learning about special colors created by mixing in the process.


  • Question: Who does Blue wants to add to our painting?
  • Clues:
    • 1. The color blue
    • 2. The color yellow
    • 3. A puppy
  • Right Answer: Green Puppy


  • This is the first remake from a Joe episode (which is a season 5 episode).
    • Ironically, Joe (who hosted its original counterpart) makes a special appearance in this episode.
  • This is Green Puppy's debut in the reboot.
  • The music video for Colors, Colors Everywhere was released long before this episode aired.


  • Steve appears in this version but he didn't appear in the original because he went to college at the time. (Steve's second appearance in the reboot, after Meet Josh!)
  • In the original episode, Joe changes his shirt multiple times, but in this episode, Josh stays in his blue shirt for the whole episode
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