Colors Everywhere!

Colors Everywhere!

Season 5, Episode 2
96 (Aired)
98 (In Production Order)
May 6, 2002 (US)
September 12, 2003 (UK)
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Colors Everywhere! is the second episode of Blue's Clues from the season 5.

Characters Present

Portrait of Pals


Today Blue and her friends are creating a Portrait of Pals. It is going to contain pictures of lots of our friends, but it seems that some of the colors we need are missing. In this episode, we help out with mixing needing colors to help with the portrait. We also skidoo into a book of colors where we find some friends that are very colorful and help them to find their color friends, learning about special colors created by mixing in the process.


  • Question: Who does Blue want to add to the Portrait of Pals?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Blue (color)
    • 2. Yellow (color)
    • 3. A Puppy
  • Answer: Green Puppy
  • Skidoo location: Book of colors
  • Living room picture: Joe in his green shirt, then in his orange shirt, then in his yellow shirt



  • At the end of the opening sequence, Blue enters the Blue's Clues house through her special door. Joe shows up outside and leads us over to Blue, who has apparently actually been outside for some time.
  • At the opening sequence, the original instrument does not play the 5-note ending, the acoustic guitar does instead.
  • Sidetable says that her favorite color is purple in The Big Book About Us. Here, she states it is orange.
  • Joe pulled out his Handy Dandy Notebook with a green-wrapped crayon, but when he drew the third clue, the wrapper on the crayon turned red to match his shirt, then after he drew the clue, the wrapper on the crayon was green again.
  • Joe changed his shirt so quickly.


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Colors Everywhere!

Colors Everywhere!

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