Cinnamon is a main character on Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.


Cinnamon is Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's second child and the younger brother of Paprika. He is the youngest member of the Shaker family, as well as the newest resident of the Blue's Clues house. Paprika helps teach him how to do things, and in turn, she learns more about herself and how to be a responsible sibling. Cinnamon is just starting to talk and can't yet talk in full sentences. His favorite toy is a purple rattle, and he has a couple of hand-me-down playthings from Paprika.

Cinnamon's introduction to the show took place over a five-episode story arc during season four. He is voiced by Annalivia Balaban, the daughter of Mr. Salt's voice actor Nick Balaban.


Cinnamon is mostly a light shade of brown. He has a white cap with three gray holes at the top, small black eyes, a pink mouth, and a pair of short black arms. He is very short compared to the other shakers and the only one with an oval-shaped cap.

His design is updated for Blue's Clues & You!. He is now taller and has a peak on the end of his cap, making it look like a baseball cap.


Cinnamon has appeared in many episodes of Blue's Clues. He is first mentioned in "What's New, Blue?" but does not appear physically until the end of "The Baby's Here!". His last appearance in an episode of Blue's Clues was in the series finale, "Bluestock." He makes an additional appearance in the Blue's Room special "Meet Blue's Baby Brother."


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  • Cinnamon is the answer to Blue's Clues in "What's New, Blue?"
  • He is the 2nd character, after Paprika, to be born on the show.
  • He is a male character, but his voice is provided by a female.
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