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The Chicks are recurring characters that appear in 4 episodes.


The Chicks are yellow birds with a pair of tiny black eyes, a pair of wings, and orange beaks and feet with 4 toes each (3 forward and 1 back).

Some of the chicks wear different hats, as seen in Snack Time/Meet Josh!.



The Chicks appear often in the series as cameo characters. They made their first appearance in "Snack Time" and made additional appearances in "Blue's Favorite Song" and "What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?". They also appeared in Meet Josh, Song Time with Blue, and Something New at Blue's School in the reboot series.

A chick also made a cameo appearance in "What's New, Blue?" on the newspaper. According to the picture it appeared on, all the chicks that were shown were at the stage between a newly hatched chick and an adult chicken and they also appeared in Blue's Birthday Adventure, Blue's 123 Time Activities, Blue's Reading Time Activities, Blue's Treasure Hunt: A Learning Adventure and Blue's ABC Time Activities (cameo) with a hen in Felt Board.

They were voiced by Charlotte Taveres, Ian Ho, Mia SwamiNathan, Markeda McKay, and Logan Nicholson.