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Caterpillar is an insect that lived on a branch with his grandmother (Butterfly) along with a dragonfly, a yellow bird and a worm.

Caterpillar from the trying game


Caterpillar has a body consisting of 5 segments: the head, tail, and middle segments are orange (yellow in Blue's ABC Time Activities); while the connecting segments are black. He also has a pair of white eyes with black pupils, a red mouth, and a pair of black antennae.


Caterpillar appeared in "The Trying Game" and "Magenta Comes Over".

Caterpillar also appeared in "Blue's Birthday Adventure", "Blue's ABC Time Activities" as one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter C), "Blue's 123 Time Activities" as part of Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game (1-4 caterpillars are among any of the animals or insects that can appear in the bush on the lower right corner), and "Blue's Big Treasure Hunt" as a sticker.


  • If you click on any of the apples on the tree outside near the corner of the house in Blue's Birthday Adventure, a caterpillar will pop out and do an action before wiggling back in.