The Cash Register is a minor character who works as the cashier of the present store. He is voiced by Justin Burke in the episodes, and by Duke Burger in the PC games.


Cash Register works as a cashier and knows how many Blue dollars each item costs. In addition to the present store, he also worked as the cashier of Shovel and Pail's lemonade stand in "Math!", the prize tent at the big backyard fair in Blue's 123 Time Activities, and the newsstand in Blue's Reading Time Activities.


He is a light Yellow colored cash register with purple eye lids, a red mouth and arms bolted in with grayish blue bolts with white gloved hands.


He appeared in the episodes "Math!" and "Blue's Birthday".

He also appears in several computer games such as Blue's Birthday Adventure at the present store, Blue's 123 Time Activities at the prize tent, and Blue's Reading Time Activities at the newsstand. He also appears in the Blue's Big Musical game and Blue's Preschool.


  • A non-sentient version of Cash Register appears in "Shape Searchers" as the first clue and on a sign in Owl's furniture store in "Playing Store".
  • He is replaced by Joe in the reboot. However, seems that the cash register Joe owns is the reboot version of him, but non-sentient.


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