Can You Help Me Today? was a tune used for the pilot episode "Blue Prints". It was sung again in the audio version of "Blue's Big Treasure Hunt."


Can You Help Me Today


Steve: Can you help me today?

Kids: Yes.

Steve: What did you say?

Kids: YES!

Steve: Can you help me call Blue?

Just do what I do!

You gotta jump up and down.

Kids: Blue! Blue! Blue!

Steve: Stomp your feet on the ground.

(three stomps)

Wave your hands while you sing!

Kids: Blue!

Steve: Now shake everything!

Kids: Blue!

Steve: Wow you were great at that part!

You sure are smart!

Let's try it one more time!

Come on and give it some heart!

Maybe clapping will make Blue come out.

(three claps)

Flap your elbows about.

Kids: Blue! Blue! Blue!

Steve: Make a big silly face!

Kids: Blue!

Steve: Now spin into space!

Kids: Blue!

Blue: Bow bow!

Steve: With me and you,

Blue: Bow!

Steve: And my dog Blue,

We can do anything that we wanna do

Steve and Kids: We can do


Steve: That we wanna do.


The name of the title changed to the So Long Song when Blue's Clues premiered and the tune was still the same.

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