Blue's Clues Wiki
  • Steve did not know what the third clue was called until Pail tells him that it is a chrysalis.
  • All three clues were found outside without skidooing in "Nature".
  • This is the fifth time the "A clue" phrase that debuted in "Blue's Sad Day" is used.
  • The bugs in the video letter are the praying mantis, the Madagascar hissing cockroach, and the giant African millipede.
  • When Snail appeared in the skidoo segment, he was about the size of Steve and watched as he, Blue, and Antoinette go into the anthill.
  • The theme music for this episode's clues matches the orange butterfly's theme from "Nurture!".
    • Coincidentally, both are related to butterflies.
  • In the UK version, Kevin wore his Bug Hat for the whole episode