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Bugs is the 11th episode of Blue's Clues from season four.

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Steve and Blue check out different types of bugs.


Steve and Blue are going on a bug watching expedition and the viewers are invited to come along. We help them to spot many neat bugs and once they have been found, we learn more about them and also theorize about why they do the things that they do. We also skidoo into a big bug book. There, they meet up with Antoinette, a worker ant on the first day at the job.


  • Question: What is Blue's favorite bug?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Wings
    • 2. Colors (red, orange, and green)
    • 3. A Chrysalis
  • Answer: A butterfly
  • Skidoo location: Bug book
  • Living room picture: A green caterpillar, then a purple beetle, then an orange butterfly
  • Felt frame picture: Freddy holds a magnify glass sees a felt caterpillar


  • Amy Starr, the Voice-Over Producer of Cataland Films, Inc. for this episode, is also one of Steve's Friends.
  • Steve did not know what the third clue was called until Pail tells him that it is a chrysalis.
  • All three clues were found outside without skidooing.
  • This is the fifth time the "A clue" phrase that debuted in "Blue's Sad Day" is used.
  • The bugs in the video letter are the praying mantis, the Madagascar hissing cockroach, and the giant African millipede.
  • When Snail appeared in the skidoo segment, he was about the size of Steve and watched as he, Blue, and Antoinette go into the anthill.
  • The theme music for this episode's clues matches the orange butterfly's theme from "Nurture!".
    • Coincidentally, both are related to butterflies.
  • In the UK version, Kevin wore his Bug Hat for the whole episode.
  • In terms of the American release order, this is the final episode of the Portugal version.
  • This is the first episode, followed by Meet Blue's Baby Brother to feature three colors as one clue which causes the host to hold three colored crayons at once to make swirls.
  • This is the only Season 4 episode animated by Dale Clowdis's team to have Shovel & Pail in their proper position during the credits, usually reserved for David B. Levy's Season 4 episodes.
  • The picture frame features a caterpillar in the beginning which is also shown in the previous episode Making Changes.


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