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Boris is Joe's stuffed duck doll. Boris is probably a handmade duck, considering his beanbag like appearance and buttons for eyes. He was made by Joe, but in Blue's First Holiday on the day we met Blue, he is right next to him as a baby. This could either be a different stuffed duck, or the story about Joe having made Boris was being retconned or he appeared with baby Joe as a matter of artistic license on the writers' part.


Boris is mostly golden yellow like Comet. He has an orange beak and orange feet. Boris has a pair of mismatched black buttons for eyes. He was handmade.


Boris has appeared in many episodes, mostly in Season 5 and 6. His debut was in Joe's First Day with Horace. His last appearance was in Sprinkles' Sleepover. He returns on Blue's Clues & You! in Bluestock.


  • Though Boris doesn't speak, Joe makes him talk by making quacking sounds.
  • Steve also has a stuffed animal, only it's an anteater named Horace.
  • A rubber duck that looks similar to Boris made appearances in earlier episodes in the series starting as a cameo among the presents at the present store in "Mailbox's Birthday".
    • Both Boris and the rubber duck appeared together in "Animals in Our House?" where Goose was playing Duck, Duck, Goose with them.
  • His name is the same as the bunny from "What's Inside?".
  • A cap resembling Boris appeared in "Blue's Big Costume Parade".
  • A picture of Boris appeared in the Present Store in "Blue's Big City Adventure".