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Boogie Woogie is a jukebox that loves to dance and sing along with his friends in Blue's Room. He is a main character in Blue's Room and appears in most of the series' episodes.


Boogie Woogie is a major character in the Blue's Room television series. He loves to sing & dance with his friends Blue, Polka Dots, Sprinkles, Roary, and Fred.


Boogie Woogie is mostly bright red. He has many sea green music notes carved on him. He has a silver disc inside of him and two white eyes with blue pupils.


Boogie Woogie has appeared in all episodes of Blue's Room. His first appearance was in The Legend of the Blue Puppy. His last appearance was in Music Stars.


  • His voice actor, Joey Mazzarino, also plays Murray Monster and Stinky the Stinkweed on Sesame Street.


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