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Body Language is the 20th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

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Joe and Blue learn about different emotions and body language.


Can you make your body say happy? Joe and Blue are striking all sorts of poses in The Feelings Game, and they want us to play along. Along the way, we play Blue's Clues to figure out what feeling Blue wants to act out, And while looking for clues, We Help Periwinkle find the right pictures for his Storybook he made. and Later we Skidoo to a Shadow Theater to Help a Friend named Sal-a-sauce Direct a Shadow Play Too.


  • Question: What Feeling Does Blue Want To Do In The Feelings Game?
  • Clues:
    1. Scrunched Up Eyebrows
    2. Hands On Hips
    3. A Scrunched Up Mouth
  • Answer: Mad
  • Skidoo Location: Shadow Theater
  • Living room picture: Mr. Salt Making Various Faces: First Happy, Then Scared, Then Sad, but Mrs. Pepper is not here.
  • Felt frame picture: Freddy is feeling shy

Video Release


  • Sal-a-sauce does not appears in the end of the episode because he is very busy.
  • Marissa Pontecorvo, relative of Victoria Pontecorvo, the voice of Blue in Blue's Room, is one of Joe's Friends in this episode.
  • So much time was spent in the feelings game that there wasn't even enough time left for Joe to sing The So Long Song, so he just waved and said goodbye to the viewer before the end credits appeared.
  • Starting with this episode except for Blue's First Holiday, Bluestock and Meet Blue's Baby Brother, permanent use is added where the clues will talk and sing after they got drawn in Steve/Joe's notebook, which debuted in Our Neighborhood Festival. This is also the first episode in production order to have the clues talk and sing after they get magically drawn in the notebook.
  • Joe wears a blue squared shirt in this episode.
  • Additional instruments were seen in "Race to the Thinking Chair".
  • At the end of the letter, after the kids say, "Bye, Joe!" they giggle.
  • The first two clues (scrunched up eyebrows and hands-on-hips) talk but do not have mouths. This is so young viewers don't get these confused with the third clue (scrunched up mouth), especially during Thinking Time.
  • In this episode, Joe did not say "we have all three clues" which was also on The Fairy Tale Ball. He figured since the Talking Clues said "Now that we're three, what will we be?", that would tell The Viewer "we have all three clues".
  • In the credits, this is the last episode with the regular animation of one of the actions of Blue: hopping across the credit slides. However, a similar animation can be seen at the end of Joe's Clues.
  • Mr. Salt appears in the yellow picture frame and without Mrs. Pepper, but he didn't appears again with her in the credits.


  • Chad Rogers is credited as Chad Rodgers.
  • When the shaker family begins moving away with the title pennant at the beginning of the episode, it changes to the pennant used in The Big Book About Us.
  • When the second clue was introduced, the first clue was reviewed twice.
  • When all three clues are gone over, the first clue is frozen when the second clue is reviewed.
  • When the third clue asks the question a second time during Thinking Time, it has the second clue's voice.
  • Victoria Pontecorvo voiced the first clue, Scrunched Up Eyebrows in this episode. She would later go on to voice Blue in Blue's Room.


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