The remake version of "Bluestock" is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 in the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of the original "Bluestock."



It's a big musical event when Josh and Blue have the Bluestock concert in the backyard. Famous artists are on hand, as are many old, familiar songs. Josh and Blue explore a variety of musical styles, from reggae to jazz. We also play a musical edition of Blue’s Clues to figure out what song Blue wants to sing in the concert.


  • Question: What song could Blue sing in the music show?
  • Clues:
    1. F-F-F-C (A Piano Tune)
    2. D-D-C (An Electric Guitar Tune on a Stereo Speaker)
    3. A-A-G-G-F (A Saxophone Tune)
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Old MacDonald Had a Farm


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  • The original episode started with Another Blue's Clues Day, but this episode started out with the theme song like it usually does.
  • There is no Blue's Room segment in this episode, but there was one in the original.
  • There are only 2 mats the characters sit and stand on, but in the original, there were more.
  • Green Puppy, Giraffe and Duck did appear in the original, but in the remake they we're replaced by Ms. Pepper, Paprika, Cinnamon, Sage and Ginger.
    • Ms. Pepper, Paprika, and Cinnamon also didn't appear in the original.
  • Josh doesn't sing we are gonna play Blue's Clues.
  • In the original, the pawprint on the screen turns into musical notes when Joe sings, but in the remake, the pawprint was taken by two ropes.
  • Josh doesn’t sing the short version of the How To Play Blue’s Clues song and Sidetable Drawer doesn’t sing with Josh.
  • In the original, Joe talked to Sidetable Drawer before singing How to play Blue's Clues with Her, But in the remake Josh talked to Sidetable after singing How to play Blue's Clues.
  • In the original, Joe hears the viewers say "A clue!" well for all three clues. In the reboot, Josh mishears the viewers say "A clue!" for the first clue.
  • Periwinkle doesn't appear in this episode but he did in its original counterpart due to not being reintroduced yet. He will appear in an unknown, upcoming episode in Season 3. (Like the original series).
    • Because of this, his and Macy Gray's performance of Do the Daisy was replaced with Ally Brooke singing “I'm So Happy, You Are Here”.
  • Magenta's role was larger in the remake.
  • In the original, the first clue was a banjo tune and the second clue was a bass tune, but in the remake, the first clue was a piano tune and the second clue was an electric guitar tune.
  • Ginger and Sage didn't appear in the original, because they were not born yet.
  • The Sun sings "The Planets Song" with Tickety who doesn't introduce the song instead of Toni Braxton.
    • Also, Tickety no longer has purple glitter on her bells, unlike in the original.
    • In the original, "The Planet Song" was placed before Blue's Clues started, but in the remake it took place after Josh found the first clue.
  • In the original, The Mailtime song was sung by India Arie in reggae style, but in the remake, it was sung by the Mailtime quartet in barbershop style.
  • In the original, Joe say a reggae version of we just got a letter, but in the remake, Josh sang it normally.
  • The clues played in F# major, but in the original, they played in C major.
  • Joe’s stuffed duck Boris makes a surprise return in this episode. This was Boris's first appearance in the reboot, except that his feet and beak are marigold instead of orange.
  • In the original, the guest singers sang "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" with Joe and Blue. In this episode, only Josh and Joe sing it with Blue.
  • In the original, the episode started outside. In this one, it started inside.
  • In the original episode, Joe used a kazoo to play the clues. In this reboot, Josh uses his guitar instead.
  • In the original, Joe sang “The Goodbye Song”, but in the remake, Josh sings the “So Long Song” like he usually does.
  • They Might Be Giants only appeared in the original version.


  • This is the only episode in the reboot to be a remake from a Season 6 episode, as this is the final episode of the original series.
  • Slippery Soap plays an electric guitar and Purple Kangaroo plays the piano accompanying Ally Brooke singing “I'm So Happy, You Are Here”. This is the very first time that Purple Kangaroo can play the piano and Slippery Soap can play an electric guitar in Blue’s Clues franchise.
  • Ally Brooke's dialogue before she sings I'm so Happy You Are Here was similar to Steve's from A Playdate With Blue
  • This is the 6th episode to not have "With Blue" in the title.
    • If this was the case, the episode would be "Music Show with Blue" or "Sing Along with Blue"
  • This is also the second and final episode to be remade from a Joe episode. The first was "Colors Everywhere with Blue".
    • Coincidentally, he makes an appearance in this episode.
  • This is the second episode of the franchise to be named "Bluestock". Some could even call this "Bluestock 2", however the correct term is "Bluestock Remake".
    • Coincidentally, both this and the Blue's Clues version share most of the same plot elements.
    • In the illustration representing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" during clue review, the cow and the pig appear exactly as Josh drew them in "Meet Josh!" (Remake of Snack Time) and "Story Time with Blue" (Remake of Blue's Story Time) respectively.
  • Ginger and Sage are wearing ear protection headphones.
  • This episode reveals that the Mailtime chorus was sung by 4 different mailboxes known as The Mailtime Quartet: a blue mailbox, a pink mailbox, a green mailbox, and Mailbox himself.
    • This is the very first time that the Mailtime chorus singers are shown in the entire Blue's Clues franchise.
  • The saxophone appears in the episode, but he has legs now.
  • Josh got to sing We Sat On Down with Joe singing along with him. This is the first and probably the only time it was sung in this series.
  • This is the first, and so far, only Blue's Clues & You! episode where We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues wasn't sung.
  • This was the third time Josh appears in the credits,
  • This is the first time We Sat On Down was sung ever since Blue's Room episode Meet Blue's Baby Brother.
  • Ally Brooke guest starred in this episode and she would later make an appearance in the 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the Blue's Clues & You! parade float.
  • Additionally, this episode was released on DVD.
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