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Bluestock is the 9th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 6. It can also be considered the series finale of Blues Clues due to Meet Blue’s Baby Brother be considered more of a Blue’s Room episode.

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It's Bluestock, an amazing backyard concert, featuring Toni Braxton and Tickety, Macy Gray and Periwinkle, India Arie and Mailbox, They Might Be Giants, which was in the letter, and Blue, Joe, and the guests from their last acts! What will Blue sing? Collect musical clues with Joe and then sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Blue's Room!


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  • Question: What does Blue want to sing in the concert?
  • Tune Clues:
    • 1. C-C-C-G (A Banjo Tune)
    • 2. A-A-G (A Bass Tune)
    • 3. E-E-D-D-C (A Saxophone Tune)
  • Answer: Old MacDonald (same answer from Blue's Favorite Song)
  • Living room picture (stage prop): Music note
  • Felt frame picture (stage prop): Trumpet
  • Colored Shirts: Purple and Orange




  • Another Blue's Clues Day
  • The Planets Song
  • Play Blue's Clues
  • Do the Daisy
  • Mailtime
  • Clap Your Hands
  • We Sat On Down
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • Blue's Room theme song
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Write it Down!
  • The Goodbye Song

Video Release[]


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This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.


  • Jennifer Brown is credited as Jennifer Michelle Brown in this episode, the same relative of Content Consultant Laura G. Brown, Ph.D.
  • This is the last episode for a couple of things:
    • The last episode to date to see Blue as a 2D animated character, as "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" (being a crossover with Blue's Room) only features her as a puppet, and the reboot has her featured in CGI animation.
      • Outside of the Blue's Clues TV series, Blue was seen as a 2D animated character one last time in Nickelodeon's Mega Music Fest 2010.
    • The last Season 6 episode to be air in 2004, and the last one to be produced until "Meet Blue's Baby Brother". This episode was filmed a year prior to release.
    • This is the last episode to feature "The Goodbye Song". The reboot brings back "The So Long Song" (but with different lyrics).
  • This is the second episode where the Old MacDonald song is the answer to Blue's Clues. The first episode was in "Blue's Favorite Song."
  • This is the sixth episode where the cheers and applause sound effect is heard. The first five are "Blue's Big Musical Movie", "What's New, Blue?", "100th Episode Celebration", "Joe's Clues", and "Playdates" (The latter 2 are also season 6 episodes).
  • This episode aired exactly 5 years after "Weight and Balance" premiered.
  • The instrumental version of We Sat On Down was heard for a second time with the lyrics added. The first time this happened, it was in "Blue's Big Treasure Hunt".
  • This marks the only appearance of They Might Be Giants in the letter.
  • This is the only episode where Joe uses the kazoo to remember the clues, instead of the notebook.
  • The "A Clue!" line was previously heard in Mailbox's Birthday, but it's a little different.
  • This is Joe's version of Blue's Big Musical.
  • The letter is from the band "They Might Be Giants".
  • The name Bluestock is a parody of Woodstock, a real-life music festival.
  • The clapping clip is similar to the clip from Blue Wants to Play a Song Game.
  • They Might Be Giants - Clap Your Hands: From Here Come the ABCs as a bonus track on the CD and DVD, and from No! as a main track. After this song, they scream in the video letter, not on the Here Come the ABCs CD and DVD, and also not mainly on No!.
  • Throughout this episode, Joe blows into the wrong end of the kazoo.
  • When Joe sings the song that is the answer to Blue's Clues, he sings all of the quarter notes as eighth notes.
  • The "Blue's Clues Theme Song" goes down a semitone (the same as seasons 1-5) and back to its original pitch in this episode. This is the only sixth season episode for the Play Blue's Clues song to be in G major.
  • All of the songs in this episode, with the exception of the Blue's Clues Theme Song and We Sat On Down, are new versions of previous Blue's Clues songs sung by three different characters and three celebrities.
  • Joe wears a purple squared shirt for most of this episode, but he changes into an orange squared shirt, blue overalls, and a straw hat for the Old MacDonald song.
  • The Old MacDonald had a Farm Music was reused in Blue's Farm Playdate.
  • This episode and 100th Episode Celebration are not available on iTunes. However, they are both available on Amazon Prime, VHS, and DVD.
  • This episode was later remade in Blue's Clues & You! of the same name. While the episode has Josh featured, Joe also appears in this episode.
  • The song "Clap Your Hands" was also in Playhouse Disney Commercial Breaks from 2005.
  • This is the only episode not to use the notebook because in this episode, when Joe catches up to Sidetable Drawer holding the music sheet to get his notebook, she gives him the kazoo that makes him play Blue's clues instead of the notebook.
  • This episode bids farewell to the last of the regular character appearances in the credits: Blue's new upside-down and peeking animations, Periwinkle, Sidetable Drawer, Mailbox, Tickety, Key, and Moona.
  • Mr. Salt appears by himself and without Mrs. Pepper, but he will never appear again with her in the end credits, just like in Blue's Wishes with Cinnamon.
  • This is the last episode to have the Blue's Room segment.
  • This is the only time Joe gets up from the thinking chair and dances while singing We Sat On Down.
  • In this episode, the Talking Clues were replaced by only musical notes, which means they have disappeared and were most likely have gone away from this episode onward, because the talking clues would cause travel costs and too much time.
  • Steve does not appear in this episode, but Tickety and Toni Braxton sang the song that reminded him that he needed to go back to college, like he said in "100th Episode Celebration".
  • This is the only time Joe does not say, "It's a letter from our friends!". Instead, he says, "It's a letter from They Might Be Giants!", but only off-screen.
  • An instrumental version of Old MacDonald, which what Blue performs and is the answer to Blue's Clues, plays in the credits, it was later heard in Blue's Farm Playdate.
  • In this version of Blue's Big Musical, Joe's colored shirt was Purple, not Orange, during the "Blue Skidoos into the Page of Music" scene.
  • After the Blue's Room segment, Joe and Blue sing The Goodbye Song on the blue-striped rug while the crowd except them is gone but only after Joe puts his kazoo away.
  • After India sings the last and short "Mail!", Mailbox blushes while bowing in his lower left position.
  • After Joe says, "The mail's here!", Mailbox says, "Over here, Joe!" calling him from off-screen in the distance.
  • This is the only episode where mailtime happens onstage like Joe says, not in the actual neighborhood itself.
  • In "We Sat On Down", the outro that Joe shouts but does not sing in the song is, "You are really and I mean really, really smart!". This episode marks the only time this happens.
  • Periwinkle and Macy Gray sang the song from the video letter, which happened in Let's Boogie.
  • When this episode reran on Nick Jr. on November 2, 2014, the watermark cuts out early after the intro ended.
  • The characters who join Blue, Joe, and Boris in the final act are Toni Braxton from Tickety's act, Macy Gray from Periwinkle's act, and India Arie from Mailbox's act.
  • When Joe does the Boris impression in Blue's song, the only animated celebrity to use hands like bills is Toni Braxton.
  • When Boris is caught in Joe's hands during the final act, a single honk plays in the background.
  • Instead of saying, "We have all three clues...", Joe says, "We have all three musical clues...".


  • When Joe sang "We Sat on Down", the sky went dark like as if it's nighttime while the stage was dark and a spotlight was shining on Joe while he was singing. When the song was done, the lights turned back on and the sky suddenly turns light blue as if it was daytime. This goof can be seen on 16:9 ratio screens, because the sky is cut out on the fullscreen version.
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