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"Blue Prints" is a pilot episode of Blue's Clues. It was filmed in 1994, and completed in 1995.


Steve invites the viewers in. He starts looking for Blue, but can't find her anywhere. He starts singing Can You Help Me Today? while the viewers help Steve call Blue, who appears. Steve says that it's just about snack time and they're having graham crackers. Blue insists that they are not ready for snack, and wants something else to go with her snack. She puts a paw print on the screen meaning Steve and the viewers will play Blue’s Clues. Steve gets rid of the paw print by cleaning it up.


*inanimated/shown in the Mailtime segment



  • Question: What does Blue want with her snack?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Cup
    • 2. A Straw
    • 3. A Cow
  • Correct Answer: Milk
  • Wrong Answer: Blue wants to put a cow in a cup and slurp it up with a straw.
  • Skidoo Location: An unfinished elephant painting
  • Living room picture: A red barn (skidoo location)
  • Bedroom picture: Red Handprints




  • Blue, Steve, Mailbox, Sidetable (as an inanimate object), Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper were the only main characters to appear in the pilot. It can be assumed that the other main characters (Tickety, Slippery, Shovel, and Pail) were created after the pilot was made, since they are present in the opening of the pilot's remake ("Snack Time").
  • Although the pilot never aired to the public, it was only shown to a small group of children on a VCR, it was later reworked and adapted into the official series' debut episode for "Snack Time."
  • Clips of the pilot were shown as part of the documentary special Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue. These clips were the only portions of the pilot available to the public, until more clips shown from the pilot came out in September 2021.
  • Steve's shirt was a short-sleeved red polo and khaki pants. In the first official episode, it was changed to a long-sleeved green striped shirt.
  • Sidetable Drawer was yellow instead of red. She also resembled a drawing made with crayons in the pilot, while she appears to be made of clay in the series. And she didn't speak in the pilot, as Steve had his notebook in his pocket the whole time throughout. This also happens in some episodes of Blue's Clues & You!.
  • Nick Balaban, the voice of Mr. Salt, was originally gave the character a New York accent, but decided he should make the character more French.
  • Early concepts showed Blue as a male orange and blue cat. According to Behind the Clues, her species and gender were changed after Nickelodeon executives said that they already green-lit a show starring a cat.
  • Steve's singing for Can You Help Me Today?, Mailtime and The So Long Song is out of tune for some reason.
  • The animation of the Blue's Clues house is different from the series, but the Thinking Chair is the same one used in further episodes.
  • In January 2021, Angela Santomero revealed she has a copy of the pilot and that it was filmed around 1994.
  • In September 2021, clips of this unaired pilot were released on Nick Jr.’s Instagram Page.
  • In the premiere episode of Blue's Clues & You!, Steve has a detective agency named "Blue Prints Detective Agency", a homage to the pilot.
  • Steve skidoos differently than he did in the other episodes.
  • He also did Mailtime differently as well.
  • Steve held the notebook in a similar way Josh did in some Season 1 episodes of Blue's Clues & You!.
  • This pilot episode was filmed in Fall 1994.
  • Steve also has a different Notebook than the one he uses in the series, because it has no Thinking Chair on it also it has a yellow front and back cover with a black spiral.
  • The sky blue crayon in the pilot was produced by Crayola. The black crayons in the rest of the series were produced by ACME.
  • The Skidoo was originally going to be a dance, but a song with lyrics was added in the final show.
  • Steve drew the clues in a different position than Joe did later in the series.
  • In the pilot, Steve says we should collect all of Blue's Clues in my Notebook, which was changed for him in the series premiere to say Handy Dandy Notebook.
  • We Are Gonna Play Blue's Clues, We Just Got a Letter and We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues songs has a different instrumental.
  • The pilot was found as of September 9th, 2023 by YouTube user BowDown097 uploaded the full rough work print with most of the music cues, sound effects, and voice overs being missing. Two days later it got blocked by Paramount Global. Another user named The Notorious D.O.G. downloaded the video before it got blocked, however, and re uploaded it on the next day, and right now it can be watched.
  • To Play Blue's Clues was not sung in the pilot, because it was never made yet until the final show.


  • When Steve had finished drawing the third clue (a cow), the paw prints don't vanish and are still shown on the cow.


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