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A Blue Dollar(s) is a fictional currency. It used to buy things in the Blue's Clues world. No one in the series uses real money, unlike the real world.

Blue dollar

Blue Dollar


The dollar in the original series is black with yellow with swirls lining and features Blue holding a 1. The dollar in the reboot is dark blue with lighter lining and the blue holding a 1 is in a circle. Steve used 6 out of 7 Blue Dollars in all: 2 to buy a new crayon for himself, 3 for a new hat for himself again, and 1 for a cup of ice-cold lemonade for Blue.


Mentions of Blue Dollars appeared in Math!, its remake, Blue's Big Car Trip, Blue's Big Neighborhood Adventure and Knights of the Snack Table, as well as the games Blue's 123 Time Activities, Blue's Treasure Hunt: A Learning Adventure and Blue's Clues: Preschool. It made a cameo in Shape Searchers.

Money appeared in the frame in Blue's Collection.



  • In the UK version, the Blue Dollar is called a "Blue Pound".