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Season 6, Episode 3 (135 overall)
Monday, February 16, 2004
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Blue's Wishes is the third episode of Blue's Clues from season 6.

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Blue and Joe are visited by a magical fairy wand called Wish who for a day will grant them any wish they like. They make some fun wishes, getting small to ride a toy train, making clues appear and helping out friends in the process. Joe and Blue help to make Pail, Tickety and Mr. Salt's wishes come true, paying a visit to a fairy tale castle in the process. Later, Blue visits her special playroom. There, Fred is engaging in her favorite pastime, pretending that today is her birthday. Today, she wishes for it to be her birthday and Moona, Blue and a mixing bowl help to make the wish come true.


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  • This episode aired on the same day that The Fairly OddParents! special "The Big Superhero Wish!" aired in the US.
  • Joe and Blue shrink, like in Alice in Wonderland, but in Alice in Wonderland, Alice's size does not return to normal until she enters Wonderland.
  • Sidetable gets surprised to the fact that Joe and Blue were tiny when going to get the notebook.
  • When Blue placed a paw print on the backyard, it's really huge, and the pawprint was mirrored instead of the other way.
  • This is the last time where Joe draws a clue in the kitchen
  • There was no skidoo segment on this episode. However, when Tickety wishes to see a princess, she skidoos into the toy castle.
  • This is the only episode where someone other than Blue (and Joe in the next episode) leaves a clue.
  • This appears on some online listings as "Wishes", but the title pennant said "Blue's Wishes", just like this title.
  • This is the last time Joe doesn't listen carefully enough to "A Clue! A Clue!".
    • In this case, it's when the 2nd clue was found. He says "Oh yeah. We can only find a clue." and "A clue right now. Where is that wish when you need her?"
  • This is the last time Joe sings the standard Mailtime song in the Blue's Clues House.
  • This is the only episode in which Cinnamon appears without Paprika.
  • Joe wears an orange squared shirt in this episode.


  • There was no drumroll when Joe found the 3rd clue.


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Blue's Clues - Wishes

Blue's Clues - Wishes

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