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Blue's Treasure Hunt: A Learning Adventure is a PC video game released on September 7, 1999 by Humongous Entertainment, alongside with Blue's Birthday Adventure.


Disc 1[]

Disc 2[]

Locations and Activities[]

  • Blue's Clues House: the main place to explore around during the gameplay.
  • The Land Of Great Discovery: Only accessible after missions on Discs 1 and 2 have been completed.
  • School: Where Orange Kitten, Green Kitten, Purple Kangaroo, etc. are having fun at.
  • The Park: Where Baby Bear paints a picture and plays at.

Treasure Hunt Arcade Minigame[]

The Treasure Hunt arcade activity is a minigame on a computer in the treasure house at The Land Of Great Discovery where you have to bounce Blue's ball to get rid of the bricks and find a scroll while keeping the ball up with the bar. The arcade minigame's engine is a bit similar to WildTangent's Blasterball game series. There is also a custom level editor that can be used in this minigame in your own way.

Ten Episode Let's Play by CEO100able[]



  • While discussing how to play Blue's Clues, Steve says "To play Blue's Clues, we got to find three..." and the Viewer picks "Pawprints" instead of saying them. It will be like that while saying them during the theme song in Season 6.



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