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"Blue's Sad Day" is the 14th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 2.


Steve and Blue invite viewers inside to learn about emotions and feelings. Blue is sad about something.


  • Question: Why is Blue sad?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Tower of Blocks
    • 2. Green Puppy
    • 3. A Fallen Down Tower of Blocks
  • Answer: Blue built a block tower (at both her house and at her school), Green Puppy appeared, and she (Green Puppy) knocked over Blue's blocks.
  • Living room picture: A pair of opera masks
  • Skidoo location: Blue's School
  • Felt Frame picture: Freddy
  • Letter: Yellow (US) Orange (UK)



Blue is feeling sad. So they play Blue's Clues to figure it out. When Steve goes to get his notebook, he forgets to say "please" making Sidetable sad, so he says "I'm sorry" and tries again. He remembered "please" so Sidetable was happy to give Steve his notebook. After finding the first clue, Steve hears some noises. A felt girl named Farrah is scaring a felt boy named Fred with a mask, but Fred does not know how he is feeling so Steve asks the viewers who say that he is scared. After taking off the mask, Fred gets mad and disappointed. The viewers say he is feeling mad. Farrah, who is feeling ashamed, apologizes for scaring him and that she was just playing. They hug and feel happy again. Farrah blows a kiss at Steve to thank him for helping them out. Steve feels embarrassed. As he walks away, Blue is behind him, feeling sad. Steve asks Blue if she is still sad. After hearing the mail call, Blue cheers up. So they get the mail. Steve recaps that they get excited when it is Mailtime, and Mailbox says delivering the mail makes him feel proud. After reading the letter from their friends, Steve goes to look for more clues. He notices a drawing of a green puppy Blue did. The viewers point out that it is a clue, which Steve suddenly notices. After drawing the second clue, Blue pulls out her photo album from school and skidoos into it. Steve follows from behind. The first story at Blue's school begins with Orange Kitten. Steve sits down at the painting table and sees Orange Kitten painting a picture. The viewers point out that Orange is feeling happy. But then, Green Kitten he comes to see Orange Kitten. And he accidentally knocks over a glass of water all over Orange Kitten's picture. Orange Kitten is sad. Steve suggests that Orange Kitten either sits there and does nothing, or get another piece of paper and start over. Green Kitten says "I'm sorry". The viewers say that starting over is a better idea. On the second story (regarding to Magenta Kangaroo and Blue Kitten's) in a game of follow the leader, Magenta Kangaroo accidentally pushes Blue Kitten. And she (Magenta Kangaroo) makes her (Blue Kitten) sad. Steve suggests that Blue Kitten either sits there on the floor and do nothing or she tells Magenta Kangaroo how she feels and play again. The viewers say talking about her feelings is a better idea. On the third and final story (which is Purple Kangaroo), Purple Kangaroo reads a book. Then Green Puppy comes to see him, steals the book, and reads on her own. This makes Purple Kangaroo upset because he had the book first. Steve suggests he asks Green Puppy not to take other things in use without asking, then read together, or steal the book back from her (Green Puppy). The viewers say asking is a better idea. The third and final clue comes up. It was a tower of blocks being knocked down. (The third clue becomes shown in the block area.) As for the third clue, it is like the first clue (which was a block tower), but the difference is it is a fallen down tower of blocks. After finding the third clue, Steve skidoos back home to the thinking chair. He figures out that Blue built a block tower and Green Puppy stole it by knocking it over. Finally, that was the right answer. Each time Blue built a block tower with the blocks, Green Puppy stole it by knocking it down. This happened both at Blue's house and at Blue's school. After the game, the felt friends from the picture frame and Blue's friends from school (Orange Kitten and Purple Kangaroo) come to help Blue with her problem. Orange Kitten comforts Blue and tells her (Blue) that she (Orange Kitten) and Purple Kangaroo both heard about her (Blue's) "tough situation" with Green Puppy. Finally Green Puppy comes over with a flower to apologize to Blue. When they go to play with blocks, Blue builds a tower which Green Puppy knocks over like before, making Blue sad and hurt her feelings. After happening the third time, (counting the one before the game of Blue's Clues), Blue tells Green Puppy not to knock down her block tower again by saying "No!" as being said by Steve. Green Puppy gets better and finally, Blue says "Here you go!" by giving half her blocks to Green Puppy so that Blue can keep the other half of her blocks, which is very brave and smart of her. Then Green can keep her own block tower, build it, and knock it down all she wants. Then Blue and Green Puppy both have fun playing with blocks.


  • Notebook
  • Blocks

Video Releases[]

  • Nickelodeon: Let's Learn Kindness (DVD, 2015)


Watch Episode[]

This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.


  • Mailbox, Tickety Tock, Green Kitten, Blue Kitten, Magenta Kangaroo, and Sidetable Drawer do not appear at the end of the episode because they were very busy.
  • Ryan Rodriguez, a friend of Steve in this episode, is related to Chelsea Rodriguez, another friend of Steve in many episodes.
  • This episode premiered alongside "What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?" as part of Blue's Big Marathon on Nick Jr.
  • Blue is normally the one to suggest playing Blue's Clues to answer a question, but in this episode the viewer is the one who suggest that they play Blue's Clues.
    • This is because Blue didn’t want to tell Steve her sad situation.
    • Blue will suggest playing this game in the next episode.
  • During the 3rd clue fallen down blocks of tower, When the girl says "A CLUE!", it sounds like she is screaming.
  • This is the first episode since the first two episodes in which Jennifer Oxley was not involved in.
  • Starting with this episode, Allison Gilman was referred to Allison Gilman Caplovitz.
  • Before Sidetable Drawer was sad, she used her 1996-1998 happy face.
  • This episode aired 34 days after the show's 2nd anniversary.
  • Sarah Chumsky directed the video letter for this episode.
  • Paul Zehrer directed this episode.
  • Steve wanted his notebook without saying please.
    • Joe did the same thing on a later episode titled I Did That!.
      • This made Sidetable sad.
      • However in the reboot episode, Josh does say please while asking for his notebook.
  • Steve refers to Green Puppy as both male and female.
    • When Green Puppy comes in the door, Steve says that "he" brought Blue a flower. But later, he says that Blue gave Green Puppy "her" own blocks to knock down.
      • This is the only time Steve calls Green Puppy a "he".
      • According to the official FAQ, Green Puppy is "she" (officially meaning a girl).
  • This is also the first episode to deal with emotions.
  • In the US version, Steve has a yellow bouncy ball. But in the UK version, Kevin has a red bouncy ball. (The two colors that make orange.)
  • This is the first episode to feature two identical clues, with one standing up and the other fallen down. The second was Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza.
  • This was the first episode to feature the Thinking Chair theme music in its permanent use, as "What Story Does Blue Want to Play?" for an unknown reason did not air until three days before this episode and "What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?".
  • This episode was later remade in Blue's Clues & You!, as Sad Day with Blue.
  • When Green grabs the book from Purple Kangaroo, the sound of Blue jumping to the screen to put her pawprint to start Blue's Clues was used.
  • This is the second episode to use the "No, it's a clue" phrase line from "Math!".
  • This is considered as a Blue Monday episode, despite airing in October.
  • Green Kitten accidentally spilled water on Orange Kitten's painting by mistake like in When Friends Get Mad from Little Bill and Art from Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • Green Puppy accidentally grabbed Purple Kangaroo's book by mistake like in Share from Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • This is the first episode to feature two thought bubble choices. These will happen again later in "Shy".
  • The feelings in the Shockwave version are happy on the top left, mad on the top right, sad on the bottom left, and scared on the bottom right.


  • After the felt boy gets mad at the felt girl for scaring him and just when the scene cuts to Steve asking the viewers how the felt boy is feeling, a black strip can be seen in the background on the right.
  • In the UK version, in the Play Blues Clues song, after Kevin Says “We can do, anything,” when Blue jumps on the screen, Kevin can still be seen.
  • After Steve draws the third and final clue down in our notebook, the pawprint is still seen on the falling down tower of blocks.
  • When Steve found the first clue, you can see a defective boom mic because of chroma on the right.
  • When Blue is sad and shows on screen, your ear still stay on left.


  • Steve: See, we just so get too excited when the mail comes. 
  • Mailbox: Mail's here, do you know my delivering the mail it makes me so proud.
  • Steve: Proud? Oh, do you know what makes me proud? 
  • (Blue nodding her head no)
  • Steve: Getting our letter from our friends, because our friends, our thinking of us.
  • Mailbox: Yeah.
  • (Steve getting our letter from Mailbox)
  • Steve: Thanks, Mailbox.
  • (Blue barking waving to Mailbox leaves) 
  • Steve: See, this is me, feeling proud. 
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