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Blue's Room is a children's television series created as a spin-off to Blue's Clues. It began as a short segment at the end of the last Blue's Clues episodes. It was originally broadcast on Nickelodeon as part of the Nick Jr. block from 2004 to 2007.



  • Blue - The title character and host of the show, Blue is a female blue dog. Puppeteered by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (season one) and Noel MacNeal (season two), and voiced by Victoria Pontecorvo.
  • Polka Dots - Polka Dots is Blue's best friend, a sea-green plush toy who creates puzzles for others to solve. He often acts as a co-host to the show. Puppeteered by Tim Lagasse (Snacktime Playdate), Peter Linz (rest of season one), and James Godwin (season two).
  • Frederica - Fred is one of Blue's other best friends that usually pretends it is her birthday everyday. Puppeteered by Cheryl Blaylock.
  • Roar E. Saurus - Roary is a dinosaur who likes to practice roaring. Puppeteered by Joey Mazzarino.
  • Sprinkles - Blue's baby brother. Added to the cast in the second season's premiere, Sprinkles is a somewhat shy spotted puppy. Puppeteered by Joey Mazzarino.
  • Doodleboard - An easel who doodles and draws to tell the viewer to guess what the object is. Puppeteered by Peter Linz (season one), and James Godwin (season two).
  • Dress Up Chest - A purple treasure chest who gives the others costumes to wear. He also occasionally narrates story segments. Puppeteered by Tim Lagasse (Snacktime Playdate), and Tyler Bunch (further appearances).
  • Boogie Woogie - A jukebox who likes to sing and dance. Puppeteered by Joey Mazzarino.
  • Silly Seat - A chair who tells silly jokes, crazy riddles, and other funny things. He disappears from the supporting cast in the second season. Puppeteered by Marc Petrosino and voiced by Jared Goldsmith.


  • Joe - Joe is a human and Blue's caretaker. He is often seen alongside Sprinkles. Portrayed by Donovan Patton.
  • Handy Dandy Journal - A talking journal whose face and design resembles that of Polka Dots. Blue writes various thoughts about specific aspects of episodes in his pages. Portrayed by Alex Hoffman.
  • Dictionary - A type of book who tells Blue the definition of a word given by one of the Blue's Room characters. Portrayed by Brianna Gentilella.
  • Key - One of the few animated characters in the show, Key is a magical key Polka Dots keeps in his pocket. He opens Dress-Up Chest's lock and is colored gold and orange. Portrayed by Jared Goldsmith.
  • Moona - Similarly to Key, Moona is an animated character in the show. She is a green and blue-colored fairy made of crescent shapes who appears at the end of each segment and episode. Portrayed by Christiana Anbri.
  • Antonio (portrayed by Antonio Ortiz) is a young child who often comes to visit Blue and friends in their playroom.



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