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  • The first clue, paper, has holes on the left side.
  • Unlike many other episodes in the major event of Cinnamon's birth, it used the Play Blue's Clues from Periwinkle Misses His Friend.
  • This is the second of five episodes in the overall story arc that involves Cinnamon's birth.
    • Since Cinnamon's birth was a major event, the answer to Blue's Clues from the previous episode carried on over to this one, as Paprika was setting up her new room with new things.
  • Mrs. Pepper is shown visibly pregnant in this episode, and will continue to do so until the second half of The Baby's Here!. The base of her container is more rounded.
  • On the 2007 DVD release of Blue's Room: World Travelers, the episode was called Special Spaces.
  • There was no skidoo segment in this episode. However, when Steve races to the thinking chair and stops to see Mailbox listen to his music, the skidoo tone is heard.
  • This episode is the second of two on the video "Blue's Big News: Vol. 1: Read All About It!".
  • Despite being the second part of the five episode story of Cinnamon's arrival, this is the first episode out of those five taped.
  • Sidetable Drawer's first scat singing part from Blue's Big Musical Movie is shown in this episode.