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Blue's New Place (Titled Special Places on the World Travelers DVD) is the 7th episode of Blue's Clues from season four. This is the second episode involving the story arc to introduce Cinnamon.

Characters Present


Blue has a new place. Steve and the viewers gather what is new in her place. We also see Paprika's new place.


  • Question: What could Blue do in her special place?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Paper
    • 2. A Pencil
    • 3. Yarn
  • Answer: Make a book
  • Living room picture: The Blue's Clues House in a green background
  • Felt Frame picture: Fifi inside the box

Video Releases


  • The first clue, paper, has holes on the left side.
  • Unlike many other episodes in the major event of Cinnamon's birth, it used Steve's Season 3 OPT.
  • This is the second of five episodes in the overall story arc that involves Cinnamon's birth.
    • Since Cinnamon's birth was a major event, the answer to Blue's Clues from the previous episode carried on over to this one, as Paprika was setting up her new room with new things.
  • Mrs. Pepper is shown visibly pregnant in this episode, and will continue to do so until the second half of The Baby's Here!. The base of her container is more rounded.
  • On the 2007 DVD release of Blue's Room: World Travelers, the episode was called Special Spaces.
  • There was no skidoo segment in this episode. However, when Steve races to the thinking chair and stops to see Mailbox listen to his music, the skidoo tone is heard.
  • This episode is the second of two on the video "Blue's Big News: Vol. 1: Read All About It!".
  • Despite being the second part of the five-episode story of Cinnamon's arrival, this is the first episode out of those five taped.
  • Sidetable Drawer's first scat singing part from Blue's Big Musical Movie was shown in this episode.
  • The episode uses the "A clue, a clue" from Blue's Big Mystery.
  • The episode uses "No A Clue" from Blue's Play.


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