Blue's Collection is the 31st episode of Blue's Clues from Season 3.


  • Question: What is missing from Blue's circle collection?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A red stripe
    • 2. A blue star
    • 3. Bouncing
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Her ball
  • Living room picture: Three coins adding up to 31¢ (25+5+1=31), with a Nickle, a Penny, and a Quarter.
  • Skidoo location: Beach


Steve and Blue start a collection of their own things.


Collections are the order of the day. Steve invites us in to see Blue's collection of circles. It turns out that she got the idea from her circular shaped spots. She has all sorts of different things that are either circular or covered with circular spots. Steve has a collection too. His collection is filled with things that are striped. It came from his wearing striped shirts, which came from his grandma, who gave him his first ever striped shirt.

We come across Periwinkle, who it turns out has several collections. Using associations, we help Periwinkle to restore things that are missing from his collection of things that roll, things that remind him of the city and magical things. Later, we're called by Shovel and Pail. Pail has a great collection of leaves, including a very big brand-new one, but Shovel can't find any seashells in the backyard and that's a problem if you're trying to collect seashells. So we skiddoo into a beach and there we're able to find a giant oyster shell, a conch shell and a clam shell.



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Blue's Collection

Blue's Collection


  • This was the only episode where Shovel skidoos.
  • The term "Clue collector" was previously used in Blue's ABCs.
  • When Steve says "Blue! Your ball!", his voice from Season One's Snack Time is used.
  • Gopher gets rid of the pawprint in this episode, which shows that he has a pawprint collection.
    • This sparked a fan theory stating that Gopher takes a picture of each clue and swipes its pawprint away.
  • When Shovel puts the clam shell in the box, you can hear the sound effect of Mailbox opening himself up.
  • The ball that Blue loses exactly resembles the Luxo Jr. Ball from Pixar.
  • This is the first episode where a blue crayon is used for drawing a clue.
  • The music for the ending credits is remixing the Blue's Clues Opening Theme.
  • This is the first episode to feature a jumping clue, followed by Dress Up Day and Animals in Our House?. However, the jumping clue in this episode is referred to bouncing while in the other two episodes, the jumping clue is referred to hopping.
  • This episode reveals why Steve always reaches under the thinking chair to out the letter there.
    • He has a letter collection and the box has yellow slot which is always facing forward so that Steve can put the later through and into his collection its also the first and only time that he does this with the box onscreen.


  • In the US version of the opening, the ball was present. But in the UK version, the ball was not present.
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