Blue's Clues Wiki is a Blue's Clues created website which aims to provide its visitors with information on all the different aspects of the popular children's television series, Blue's Clues, which originally ran from September 8, 1996 - May 10, 2004 (original run), August 2, 2004-March 29, 2007 (Blue's Room), and currently airs reruns on Nick Jr. in the US. The show lasted for 142 episodes, and the popularity of it has spread all over world, as it was syndicated in 120 countries, translated into 15 languages, and even brought regional hosts to the spotlight like Kevin Duala of the UK, and Duarte Gomes of Portugal. A reboot since appeared in 2019.

This wiki covers characters, locations, objects and everything else to do with Blue's Clues. This site is about Blue's Clues which means that any visitor is free to edit as long as it has to do with Blue's Clues.

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