The Blue's Clues House is the main setting of the show. It is a quaint yellow house with a red roof, located at the top of a hill. Mailbox lives at the foot of the pathway in front of the house, and he is the first to see any visitors. Steve was the original owner of the house, followed by his brother Joe and later their cousin Josh.

The house has a few main rooms: the living room, where Sidetable lives next to the Thinking Chair; the kitchen, where the Shaker family lives; the bedroom, where Blue and Tickety live; and the bathroom, where Slippery lives. The house also has a backyard with a sandbox, home to Shovel and Pail.

The house is where almost every episode of Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You! takes place. In episodes that feature new locations, the house is still visited at the beginning or end.


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Blue's Clues & You!


The house is mostly yellow. It has a red roof and a purple door. It sits on a hill with a flower patch and an apple tree next to it. The tree has a tire swing attached. The front has two windows with red curtains. In the original opening sequence, the Shakers always pop up in the left window, while Tickety and Slippery always pop up in the right window. Shovel and Pail peek out from behind the right side of the house.

In later episodes and Blue's Clues & You!, the house is in the middle of a neighborhood with other houses and town buildings.


  • In early merchandise, it was often called Steve's House.
  • The house is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.
  • In some episodes the rooms in the house seem to mysteriously change.
  • Steve lives in the house until "Steve Goes to College."
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