Blue's Clues Wiki

Date Released[]

  • June 1th 1998

Episode Featured[]


  1. The Rugrats Movie Trailer
  2. Paramont On Videocassete
  3. Nick Jr On Videocassete Gullah Gullah Island Little Bear and Algtra's Window
  4. Blue's Clues On Videocassete What Does Blue Want To Make? What Story Does Blue Want To Play? Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme What Is Blue Afraid Of? Arts and Crafts and Story Time
  5. Peanuts Videos Promo
  6. Feature Presentation Logo
  7. Paramount Intro
  8. Nick Jr Frog Bumper
  9. Nick Jr Face Plays With Blue
  10. Face Starts The Episode "Adventures In Art"
  11. Nick Jr Face Paints Himself
  12. Face Starts The Episode "What Does Blue Want To Make?"
  13. Nick Jr Face Tells Knot Knot Jokes
  14. Credits from What Story Does Blue Want To Play
  15. Nick Jr Bears Logo
  16. Nickeloden Logo
  17. Paramount Outro