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Blue's Clues & You! Live on Stage is a live touring show produced by Round Room Live and Nickelodeon, based on the TV show of the same name that started touring in September 2022. It is the successor to Blue's Clues Live!, which toured from 1999 to 2005. Originally scheduled to run until December 2022 and resume in February 2023, the tour was put on hiatus due to unanticipated circumstances and ended early on October 30, 2022 in Sugar Land, TX.


Josh is conjuring up a magical theater show, but he needs YOUR help! Kids and families will fall in love with theater as they solve Blue's Clues to find out what Josh needs to make a show.[1]



Act One[]

The show begins with Josh wandering onto the stage looking for Blue, before asking the audience if they have seen her ("Blue's Clues & You! Theme Song"). During the song, Josh calls on Tickety Tock, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Slippery Soap (puppets), Shovel, Pail, and the Shaker kids (animated, projected onto screens) to help look for Blue, who emerges from behind the curtains after the audience joins in to chant her name. Josh says he is happy to see Blue, realizes he said "happy", then relays to the audience that whenever anyone says "happy", they must drop everything and break into Blue's favorite Happy Puppy Dance. After finishing up the theme song, Josh asks the audience where they are, to which they respond "a theater."

The curtains pull back to reveal a photo-real backstage area. Josh is excited to watch a show unfold and relishes in the magic of theater ("The Theater is Magic"). While singing, he realizes that Blue wants him to put on the show. The 'realistic' backstage area becomes more cartoony, all the while Josh ponders if he can put on a show. The chorus line that appeared during the song assures him so.

After the song concludes, Josh reveals he doesn't know how to make a show. Blue initiates a game of Blue's Clues to figure out what he needs to put on a show ("To Play Blue's Clues"). Josh pleads to the audience to not leave before figuring out the answer, insisting that he needs their help. Behind Josh's back, Blue skidoos offstage. Josh follows by skidooing to wherever she went, which turns out to be clouds in the sky.

It is here where Josh and Blue meet a young cloud named Cloud who forgot how to make a rainbow and needs their help to make one for his friend, Magenta ("Here Comes a Rainbow"). After making the Rainbow appear to Magenta's delight, Cloud thanks Josh and Blue as they descend to the grass below. Another rendition of the Happy Puppy Dance is performed, after which the first clue (a music note) is spotted and jotted by Josh in his Handy Dandy Notebook. Noticing that Blue and Magenta have wandered off, Josh goes looking for them - only to find that they have skidooed without him yet again. Josh follows suit, skidooing to the next location - the bottom of the ocean.

He reconvenes with Blue and Magenta, then hears the voice of Rainbow Puppy, frustrated by not having a full cast of mermaids (only having three present) and a band to complete her underwater music video. Josh agrees to provide the music on his trusty guitar, and the puppies put on mermaid tails to round out the cast. After everything is in place, the music video - directed by Mr. Salt - is good to go ("You Are Beautiful"). The music video is successful. Josh, donning a sparkly version of his striped shirt for the video, takes off his guitar, revealing that it's the second clue. After writing down the clue, Josh goes off looking for Blue, who turns out to be skidooing again, this time with Rainbow Puppy. Josh follows, not knowing where he'll end up next. The curtains close. Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Tickety, and Slippery enter from the wings to inform the audience it's time for Intermission.

Act Two[]

Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Tickety, Slippery, Magenta, and Rainbow Puppy welcome the audience back from intermission and proceed to play the "Freeze Game". They exit and the curtains open to Josh floating in outer space. The Sun appears among the stars, asking Josh where her planets went. She hopes the planets will appear when she and Josh sing "The Planet Song" together. After finding all the planets, Josh returns to the backstage area, desperate to find the last clue.

Stressed out and unhappy, Josh worries that he may never find it. One by one, the rest of the cast appears to cheer Josh on ("We Think You Can Find It"). Just then the familiar barbershop harmony of "Mail Time" fills the air, cheering Josh up - if not temporarily. Mailbox comes through, delivering a letter to Josh ("We Just Got a Letter"). Opening the letter, Josh finds words of encouragement from his many friends. Touched by this, Josh finally believes he can find the third clue. The clue is revealed to be You (marked by a paw print-shaped spotlight shone at the theater's walls).

With all three clues found, it's time to sit in the Thinking Chair. After asking the audience what they think the answer is, Josh, concludes that his show needs "A Song For You." Confirming the answer with Blue, the game of Blue's Clues is finished ("We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues") and Josh can finally put on his show. Mr. Salt appears in his director's chair again to announce the beginning of the big show. Josh and Blue appear onstage wearing top hats, ready to sing the Song For You ("You Can't Spell Blue Without You"). The entire cast joins in to sing along. They then perform a medley of songs previously heard in the show, concluding with a reprisal of the theme song. Now it's time for so long - but not before one last "Happy Puppy Dance". As the cast wave their goodbyes, Josh proclaims to the audience that he'll never forget you - ever.


The show features 15 songs[2] and a medley, including:

*Bold names denote new songs that were either made exclusively for or made its debut in the show*

Cast and Crew[]

BluesCluesandYouLive Cast

The cast of Blue's Clues & You! Live on Stage


Animated characters[]

Other characters[]

  • Backup dancers
  • Mermaids


  • Director: John Tartaglia
  • Co-Director: Melanie Lockyer
  • Assistant Director: Anna White
  • Producer: Josh Blackburn[4]; Round Room Live
  • Writer: Angela Santomero
  • Composer: PT Walkley
  • Music Arrangement: Pure West - Tim Foy, Paul Koffman
  • Sound Designer: UptownWorks - Daniela Hart, Noel Nichols & Bailey Trierweiler
  • A1: Jacob Sinay
  • Projections Designer: Aaron Rhyne
  • Associate Projections Designer: Greg Mauro
  • Animation: Caleb Ngoh
  • Projections Programming: Chet Miller
  • Scenic Designer: Anna Louizos
  • Wardrobe and Puppet Designer: Mirena Rada
  • Wardrobe Supervisor: Sarah Rekow
  • Puppet Builder: James Wojtal
  • Stage Management: Marisa Christie
  • Casting Director: Holly Buczek, WOJCasting[5]

Tour Locations and Dates[]

Date Venue City
9/24/22 Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium Spartanburg, SC
9/25/22 Steven Tanger Center Greensboro, NC
9/27/22 Mark C. Smith Concert Hall Huntsville, AL
9/28/22 Martin Center For The Arts Johnson City, TN
9/30/22 Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater, FL
10/01/22 Aurene Theater at Broward Center Fort Lauderdale, FL
10/04/22 Ovens Auditorium Charlotte, NC
10/05/22 Charleston Municipal Auditorium Charleston, WV
10/06/22 Count Basie Center Red Bank, NJ
10/07/22 Capital One Hall Tysons, VA
10/08/22 Emerson Colonial Theatre Boston, MA
10/09/22 NJPAC Newark, NJ
10/11/22 Santander Theater Reading, PA
10/13/22 UPMC Events Center Pittsburgh, PA
10/14/22 Dow Event Center Saginaw, MI
10/15/22 Civic Theater Akron, OH
10/16/22 Rialto Square Theater Joliet, IL
10/18/22 Brown Theater Louisville, KY
10/19/22 Andrew Jackson Hall Nashvillie, TN
10/20/22 Clowes Memorial Hall Indianapolis, IN
10/21/22 Miller High Life Theater Milwaukee, WI
10/22/22 Fisher Theater Detroit, MI
10/25/22 Family Arena St. Charles, MO
10/26/22 Cable Dahmer Arena Independence, MO
10/27/22 BOK Center Tulsa, OK
10/28/22 HEB Center Cedar Park, TX
10/29/22 Mahalia Jackson Theater New Orleans, LA
10/30/22 Smart Financial Center Sugar Land, TX
Cancelled Dates
10/12/22 Kodak Center Rochester, NY
11/01/22 Municipal Auditorium Shreveport, LA
11/02/22 Texas Trust CU Theater Grand Prairie, TX
11/03/22 Majestic Theater San Antonio, TX
11/04/22 Abraham Chavez Center El Paso, TX
11/06/22 Terrace Theater Long Beach, CA
11/08/22 Fox Performing Arts Center Riverside, CA
11/09/22 Reno Events Center Reno, NV
11/11/22 Arlene Schnitzer Hall Portland, OR
11/12/22 First Interstate Center Spokane, WA
11/13/22 Hult Center For The Performing Arts Eugene, OR
11/16/22 Eccles Theater Salt Lake City, UT
11/17/22 Ford Wyoming Center Casper, WY
11/18/22 Pikes Peak Center For The Performing Arts Colorado Springs, CO
11/19/22 Rio Rancho Events Center Rio Rancho, NM
11/20/22 Bellco Theater Denver, CO
11/25/22 Hartman Arena Park City, KS
11/26/22 Hudiburg Chevrolet Center Oklahoma City, OK
11/27/22 River Center Performing Arts Center Baton Rouge, LA
11/29/22 Ford Arena Beaumont, TX
11/30/22 Saenger Theater Mobile, AL
12/01/22 Alabama Theater Birmingham, AL
12/02/22 Classic Center Athens, GA
12/03/22 Johnny Mercer Theater Savannah, GA
12/04/22 Sunrise Theater Fort Pierce, FL
12/06/22 Orpheum Theatre Memphis, TN
12/07/22 Old National Events Plaza Evansville, IN
12/09/22 Altria Theater Richmond, VA
12/10/22 Bergen PAC Englewood, NJ
12/13/22 Warner Theater Erie, PA
12/14/22 Flynn Center For The Performing Arts Burlington, VT
12/15/22 Mohegan Sun Arena Wilkes-Barre, PA
12/18/22 Kings Theater Brooklyn, NY
02/04/23 Miller Theater Philadelphia, PA
02/05/23 Lowell Memorial Auditorium Lowell, MA
02/11/23 State Theatre New Jersey New Brunswick, NJ
02/12/23 St. George Theatre Staten Island, NY
02/24/23 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium Chattanooga, TN
03/05/23 The Palace Theatre Greensburg, PA
03/16/23 Orpheum Theater Sioux City, IA
05/16/23 Florida Theatre Jacksonville, FL
05/20/23 Walt Disney Theater Orlando, FL


  • According to the Josh and Blue callback scripts, the original title of the show was Blue's Clues & You Live - The Great Skidoo Adventure, but the latter subtitle was eventually dropped.
  • Unlike other kids stage shows, Blue and her friends appear as puppets instead of full body mascot costumes.
    • Blue being depicted as a puppet was pitched for the original Blue's Clues Live! tour, but was ultimately rejected.
    • Blue is featured in VStar Entertainment's Nick Jr. Live! Move to the Music as a half costume/half puppet hybrid.
  • The show's plot bears slight similarities to Blue's Big Musical:
    • Josh is trying to put on a show but cannot until all three clues are found.
    • Josh is unsure if he can find the last clue and is encouraged by his friends.
  • There are also parallels between this show and the original Blue's Clues Live! shows:
    • The role of "Josh" being alternated between two actors.
    • The second clue being found underwater (which occurred in Blue's Birthday Party).
    • Skidooing into outer space and singing The Planet Song (featured in the The Most Spectacular Place).
  • Most of the songs use the same instrumental tracks from the TV show with some variations:
    • New backing vocals recorded by the cast at Soultrain Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.
    • The theme song features a different ending each time it is performed (both arrangements exclusive to this show).
  • The lyrics to some songs have been altered, for example:
    • The So Long Song uses the words "Me and you, and our dog Blue", paraphrased from the original 1996 version.
    • We Just Got a Letter is now in the first person (I Just Got a Letter).
  • The house is not seen or mentioned; instead the show takes place in the "backstage" of a theater and the subsequent skidoo locations.
    • Consequently this means Sidetable Drawer is absent - which happens in the TV series as well.
    • The Skidoo Frame is seen, albeit turned sideways and colored purple.
  • The planets have different designs from their appearances in the series; being depicted in 2D animation with faces similar to Sun's, when in "Science with Blue" and "Pajama Party with Blue" they are 3D rendered with no faces.
  • The show features prerecorded child audience responses like its TV counterpart, despite being a live show performed to real children.
  • The Handy Dandy Notebook is not the prop from the TV show, but instead a copy made and sold by Handcrafted Handy Dandy Notebooks.
    • This is the second official Nickelodeon production to use a Handcrafted Handy Dandy Notebook, the first being the prologue to the You Can't Spell Blue Without U music video where Steve is holding one.



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