Blue's Clues Wiki

Parent's Section

Special Access and Difficulty Settings

You can increase or decrease the challenge of some or all the activities to meet your child's skill level.  You can also play any of the activities without having to play an entire pathway.

From the Pathway Selection Screen (shown here at the left) press the "A" key on your keyboard to see the Activity Selection Screen or the "S" key to see the Skill Setting Screen.

Activity Selection Screen

You'll see icons for each of the activities on the disc you're playing, including the creativity activities you'll only see when you complete each pathway.  To play any activity, click its picture on this screen.  When you're done, click the arrow in the upper left corner of the game to return to the Activity Selection Screen.  Exit the Activity Selection Screen by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner.  You will return to the Pathway Selection Screen.

Important Note: It is suggested that activities only be accessed from this screen AFTER your child has enjoyed playing the entire pathway from beginning to end at least once.  Playing activities from the Activity Selection Screen may give away clue set answers!

Skill Setting Screen

The difficulty level for each activity adjusts automatically but can be set to a specific level.


Blue's Birthday Adventure automatically adjusts the difficulty level for each player unless the levels are set manually.  The program default is the intermediate level.

This setting changes when you master a level.  For instance, if you're playing an activity at the beginning level, and complete it easily, the game will adjust to the intermediate setting.  However, if you have trouble at the next level the game will re-adjust to a lower level.

Manual Adjustments

There are two types of manual adjustments you can make.  To change the difficulty setting for any of the nine directed activities separately use your cursor to modify the setting under that activity.  You can choose between Beginning (yellow), Intermediate (green), or Advanced (blue).  To move all activities to one level, set the Master switch to the level you

want.  This will set all the activities to that level.  To move them all to their previous settings click the Reset button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the Master or Clues switch to change the difficulty levels all the saved information for the current player name will be lost.  You can click the Reset button before leaving the screen to cancel this action.

The nine directed activities are: Find My Friend, Tickety's Puzzles, Pizza Making, Flower Picking, Party Toys, Hide and Seek, Find Turquoise, Treasure Hunt and Mixed-up Music.

In addition to the nine directed activities in the program, there are four non-directed, creative expression activities.  They are: Coloring Book, Blue's Birthday Card, Puppet Show and Choose a Present.  These activities do not have difficulty levels so they do not appear on this screen.

The Clues icon indicates the difficulty setting for finding the objects needed to locate clues and entering clues in the Handy Dandy Notebook.  

At the beginning level, objects are found in the location where they are needed.  On intermediate and advanced levels, objects will be found in locations away from where they are needed.  

Entering clues in the Handy Dandy Notebook is easier on the beginning level and becomes more difficult on the intermediate and advanced levels.  For example, at the beginning setting you must click on the picture of the item you've found.  On the intermediate and advanced levels you must construct the clue from puzzle pieces and sometimes there will be more pieces available than are necessary.

Progress Reports

The Thinking Chart gives you an indication of how your child is progressing.  You can see from the colored lines which activities your child has played and at what levels.  You can print the chart by clicking on the printer icon.  You gain access to this by clicking the chart icon on the Sign In screen.