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Installing the Game

Windows 95/98 To start, insert the game CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. When the Autoplay window pops up, click the Play button to play the game, or the Quit button to quit without doing anything. When you run the red disc you will see an additional icon; click on the Blue’s Clues button to see the Blue’s ABC Time Activities Demo.

To run the game again, double click on the My Computer window and double-click on the game icon. The Autoplay window will appear again.

If Autoplay has been disabled, you can run the game by double-clicking My Computer, then double-clicking the game icon, and finally double-clicking D:\AutoBirthday-Yellow.exe or D:\AutoBirthday-Red.exe. Or, create a shortcut to AutoBirthday-Yellow.exe or D:\AutoBirthday-Red.exe for a more permanent solution.

Installation When you click the Play button you will see the installation dialog box. We must install support files in order for the game to run and this requires 11.9 MB of space on your hard drive. The install screen indicates how much free space is available on your hard drive. If you have enough space and want to accept the default destination directory click the OK button (the files will be installed and the game will begin.

If the program doesn't detect enough space on the destination drive, you will see a warning message. You have the option of attempting the installation anyway, but the game won't run if all of the required files are not on the hard drive. You can exit the installation, try to free up some space (for example by emptying your Recycle bin and/or deleting any temporary files from your TEMP directory) and run the installation again.

If the specified directory does not already exist on your system you will see a message. Click OK and the directory will be created for you.

Advanced Options You can accept the default destination or may specify the drive and directory where you want the game files installed. To change the destination, type the path (drive and directory) directly in the field where you see the c:\hegames path (click to place your cursor there first) or click on the Browse button, find the directory you want and then click OK.

If you choose a directory name that does not exist you will see a message. Click OK and the directory will be created for you. After clicking OK you'll see the copy progress bar. When the files have all been installed the game will begin. If you want to cancel the install click on the Cancel button and the files will not be installed. However, the game will not run without the files installed on your system.

Making Changes to the Game

The Options Screen Game-specific settings may be customized through the options dialog box, which is accessible at any time by pressing the Spacebar, then clicking the Options button.

AutoPlay Disabled? If you do not see the AutoPlay window your CD-ROM may not be set up to take advantage of this feature or you may need to upgrade the CD-ROM driver. To check this:

Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and double click on the System icon.

In System Properties click on the Device Manager tab.

At the top of the list you should see CD-ROM - click the plus sign to the left of this line and double click on the CD-ROM manufacturer name which appears underneath CD-ROM.

Click on the Settings tab and look for Auto Insert Notification:

-make sure there is a check mark in the box to the left of this line - if there is no check mark, click in the box and one will appear, then click OK at the bottom -if there is a check mark already there click OK at the bottom of the screen

Now click on the Performance tab - on this screen check to make sure you see the line "...system is configured for optimal performance" - if this line does not appear or says "Drive X is using MSDOS compatibility mode" you may need to upgrade your CD-ROM driver. Contact the manufacturer of the CD-ROM drive or of the computer system.

Shortcut in 95/98 You can set up a shortcut icon in Windows 95/98 so all you need to do is insert the game CD-ROM and double click on the shortcut icon.

To do this:

Right click your mouse on a blank area of the desktop Click on New and then Shortcut Type in the path for the game, e.g. D:\AutoBirthday-Yellow.exe or D:\AutoBirthday-Red.exe (Be sure to replace D: with the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive) Click on Next and name the shortcut (e.g. Blue's Birthday) Click Finish and the icon will be on the desktop

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